Import boss from SR4 to GOOH

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  1. I haven't played Gat out of Hell in ages .
    Anyone remember if it's possible to play as a female P.C ?
    Like this:
    I don't have SR3 OR SR4 installed ,is there a simple way to start with a character that looks similar to the above?
  2. Quantum

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    Use Minimaul and Erza Scarlet's Saints Row IV clothing in Gat out of Hell mod. I used it to import my female character from SR4. Works great, and includes customization!
    (note: I haven't used it since the SR4 workshop update, which broke import compatibility, so if you haven't previously imported your character from SR4 it may no-longer be possible. But I think the mod enables character customization in Gat Out of Hell, so you can always rebuild your character)
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  3. Thanks for the info Quantum ,i'll check it out.
    I think i have an old copy of SR4 zipped up somewhere ,so if what you say is true i might be able to use my old game copy .
    This workshop thing is really starting to P me off with a lot of games recently.
    I wish devs and certain companies would just stick to making or selling good games that work and leave the mods alone (well ,stop trying to put up various gateways to mod downloads).
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  4. I know its a quite "old" topic but did anyone manage to find out why the voice is pitched when converting the file manually or with the programm from Thief?
  5. Hello, sorry for posting in such an old thread, but I was hoping someone could help me.

    I've been trying to use Thiev solutions to import my SR4 boss, I've tried both his applications actually. However in both cases, when I boot GOOH and try to continue, it says the save file is corrupted. That's when I'm using his apps in post 25.

    I've also tried to make the changes directly with HxD, as explained in post 27. I've followed the steps to the letter, but it doesn't import my boss; when I select continue, the cutscene does restart, but still with the default male boss.

    Can anyone help?
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  6. I used the 1.4 of Thievs Programm. For me all worked fine except that the pitch of Female 1 voice was too high.
    For converting I had several errors as well but that was because I didnt type in all exactly as it should have been. When I did correctly, all was good.
    Maybe you load the file again in SR4 and move to a different spot so it gets saved again?
  7. As I said, none of his programs work for me. I get corrupted error messages when trying to load the save in game, so it's not about getting saved again.
    As for doing it manually, the point is as explained in post 27 that you should see your custom boss in the first cutscene if done correctly, but I still get the default boss. Since it's the first cutscene, before even being in Hell, there is no save point.
  8. For the manual way i grabbed the default save which was in the package. There I added my value and then copied it to the folder where the savegames usually are. When I started the game, I had to select continue and the game started with "almost" my boss but still the voice was pitched.
  9. Works perfectly in GOG version, thank you so much for this tool, I would never play Gat Out of Hell without my character, even if it was only a cameo.
  10. work almost perfect for me with exception that is any of boss voice is pitched. but its better than defaults boss. thanks for the great program
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