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Import boss from SR4 to GOOH

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by noir_7, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. update:
    added standalone app version (written in Python instead of Powershell) that might work better in case Powershell fails. Linked to main post.
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  2. I started my game and my boss appears now thanks to thiev but now the voice is messed up the pitch is high for some reason. im fine with it but i would like to know if i had done something wrong
  3. Same here. Finally got my SR4 character to appear and their voice is high pitched. Tried both ways, no luck.
  4. Could you post your original Boss voice values (from SR4)? Voice type + pitch value.
  5. Female Voice 1 and Pitch Value is 0.

  6. Can you please make a youtube walkthrough? It's a bit hard to follow bc I'm not very tech savvy ;-; (this is probably insanely easy to do and i probably sound stupid as hell :'})
  7. This script will work if I have GOOH form GOG and SR:IV form Steam?
  8. It *should*, just remember that GOG version stores saves in different location. I didn't test it though, so if you try it post back the results ;)
  9. Ok, I have a little feedback.
    So, character import works normally to GOG version (New game) but imported character voice sounds like modulated.
    Something like lowering frequency of voice with character editor in SR:IV although it was not done. Everything else seems to work as it should.
  10. Voice's messed up for me too, both bailey and cockney. Didn't change the pitch in SR4.