Import boss from SR4 to GOOH

I started my game and my boss appears now thanks to thiev but now the voice is messed up the pitch is high for some reason. im fine with it but i would like to know if i had done something wrong
I started my game and my boss appears now thanks to thiev but now the voice is messed up the pitch is high for some reason. im fine with it but i would like to know if i had done something wrong
Same here. Finally got my SR4 character to appear and their voice is high pitched. Tried both ways, no luck.
Actually, I managed to import my Boss from SR4 save manually to GOOH, similar to how SR3 -> SR4 character could be copied by hex editing.
I created a simple Powershell (Win7+) script to make the process easier and hopefully it will be of use to others - it works for me but more testers are welcome :)
I'm posting it here, as this thread is one of the first when googling this issue and I apologize beforehand if I should create a new thread instead.

2017-08-23 UPDATE
For anyone experiencing problems with Powershell script: I made a standalone application version (in python via PyInstaller, hance the size). Maybe it will work better from some. Works For Me™, but then I didn't have issues with Powershell either ;)
It works in a similar way, except there are no GUI prompts for paths and these have to be pasted or typed manually. Script source (.py) is included in the archive so you can see for yourself what is being done.

Contents of
- run_import_script.bat ### simple wrapper that allows PowerShell script to run without changing default user policy <- double-click it to run the import
- import_clean.ps1 ### main PowerShell file - you don't need to run it manually, use .bat instead; you can open it in Notepad to see that nothing malicious is included :)
- srgsave_00.srgs_pcDEFAULT ### default (empty) GOOH file; if you want to start new GOOH game instead of modifying an existing save it will be used to create fresh autosave
- .\OUT ### folder where your modified file will appear, if all goes well
- .\TEMP ### folder for temporary files, created during script and deleted at the end

How to use:
00. Backup your original saves. Always. Always. ALWAYS. You are modifying them at your own risk.
01. Download .zip archive and unpack it somewhere, it doesn't have to be game folder. You should now have 'SR34_GOOH_BossImportScript' folder with all files mentioned above.
02. double-click run_import_script.bat (it might require admin rights on Windows 10)
03. First popup window will appear, asking for a path to save you want to import your Boss FROM. Paste the whole path to your save and click OK
example: "e:\Steam\userdata\<userid>\206420\remote\sr4save_autosave.sr4s_pc" (sans quotes)
04. Second popup window will ask you for a path to GOOH save you want to import your Boss TO. You can leave it empty and then a fresh autosave will be created with your Boss (that's the safest option)
05. After a few second you should have a fresh, shiny srgsave_00.srgs_pc file with your Boss imported in <scriptFolder>\Out\
06. [forSteam] Copy "<scriptFolder>\Out\srgsave_00.srgs_pc" to "<SteamFolder>\userdata\<userid>\206420\remote\"
06. [forGOG] Copy "<scriptFolder>\Out\srgsave_00.srgs_pc" to "<gameInstallFolder>\_saves\"
07. [forSteam] Restart Steam Client, otherwise game might not read newly added files
08. Start GOOH and click 'Continue' - modified save should load with imported Boss

- GOG version is currently untested but 'should work'
- I tested import from SR3, SR4 (old fomat) and SR4 (new format) to fresh GOOH game
- while it is possible to modify an existing GOOH save and have no idea if everything will be working correctly, as I'm only starting the game now and don't have any in-progress saves to test on
- if after clicking continue you have a strange purple lady instead of your Boss, something went wrong and default file used as a base for fresh copy was left unmodified. This should not happen but let me know if it does

- if you're getting any errors, try copying your TO & FROM saves to script directory first and run .cmd again (with admin rights), passing these local paths instead of original ones (in Program Files etc.)

As I wrote at the very beginning, it was done for personal use and I cannot guarantee it will work for everyone but I will try to help if any problems appear. I can also post a manual way of doing the import if someone wants it, but it will be an even greater wall of text :)

...Hell of a first forum post :D

-version 1.05p: added additional version (python-standalone app) that might work better for some
-version 1.04: added workaround for GOOH saves that don't have Boss entry at all
-version 1.03f: fixed. rootPath. typo. -_-
-version 1.03: fixed rootPath typo
-version 1.02: removed debug lines / test leftovers
- version 1.01: replaced rootPath check with something more reliable

Can you please make a youtube walkthrough? It's a bit hard to follow bc I'm not very tech savvy ;-; (this is probably insanely easy to do and i probably sound stupid as hell :'})
Ok, I have a little feedback.
So, character import works normally to GOG version (New game) but imported character voice sounds like modulated.
Something like lowering frequency of voice with character editor in SR:IV although it was not done. Everything else seems to work as it should.