Import boss from SR4 to GOOH

This almost completely works!! My SR4 character uses a modded skin, so she's missing her freckles in the import. That's totally fine! But one thing I DID wonder about is the fact that she's also missing her lipstick, which is vanilla. Any way to get that imported too? (Never mind, it appears to be the fault of the suit she's wearing. It's been so long since I played this on Xbox 360 that I have no memory of that outfit unequipping her lipstick...)

Edit: Oh, also, everyone keeps calling her 'he', lol.
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I tried the script but got an file access denied message even with admin. So I tried the manual method. The current Steam save that was created only had one hit for the HEX pattern: 6E 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 3F

So I ended up using the srgsave_00.srgs_pcDEFAULT file included in the Import Script to do the manual method, and it successfully worked. So wanted to express thanks to Thiev for being able to get the Boss in my game.