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SPOILERS Ideas for volition to continue on with saints row

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by dedpul, Jul 9, 2016.


Do you think volition should continue on with saints row

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  4. I dont care

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  1. In regards to story length I really hope Volition brings in their A-game for SR5. Because in SR3 at least half the missions were activities and in SR4 it was mostly "head here and disable this object while killing a small group of Zin". Personally it may sound weird but Volition should look to the Payday Series for mission inspiration.
    If you don't know what I'm talking about some of the missions in the Payday Series included:

    boarding a moving train and massacring the FBI SWAT and Gangsters on board
    blowing up a bridge to rescue a prisoner

    raiding the FBI HQ in a glorious shootout
    burning down a mid-sized bank belonging to a cartel

    raiding a corporate dinner party while fending off a swat team
    shooting up an apartment complex and using a magnetic crane connected to a helicopter to tear out a panic room filled with money

    forcing you're way into an underground research facility to steal several prototype weapons
    destroying an entire shopping mall

    storming a suburbs that was turned into a fortress to kill a dirty government agent
    breaching a highly guarded compound to steal nuclear weapons from a corrupt PMC.

    As for being PC? Nope I want the next SR to be something similar to say Hobo with a Shotgun, Crank, John Wick, Death Wish, Kill Bill, Hardcore Henry, The Warriors, Heat etc. AKA an outlandish crime-themed open world game that can be considered a form of competition for GTA while angering as many 4Chan and Tumblr users as possible like GTA.
  2. VSW


    Seeing how other longtime fan favorites titles go the route of "appealing to a larger audience" made me think of WhatIF Volition made SaintsRowV---ish focusing more on the gamers they don't have yet & less about the gamers they already do.

    Like the ideas we're tossing around WhatIF Volition does add them but those ideas etc are nerfed just to interest the gamers that were never interested at all before.

    I agree with you on that, not that i found SaintsRowIV boring but i found SaintsRowIV less far less vulgar & gritty.
    And i'm seeing that trend in too many other games as well.

    I agree on that as well, it's a mature title for mature audiences.

    2. I actually like the comic bookish tone but i'd rather SaintsRowIV be more Spawn/Darkness/BombQueen & less Spidermanish.

    I disagree somewhat here because i can understand failing from an unreasonable difficulty but i don't mind & enjoy something challenging.

    I don't want gameplay feeling like i'm just playing to progress a storyline, i want gameplay to give me the feeling that my skills mean something.

    100% agree.
    When it's something i enjoy then of course i want to keep it going, especially with an option to skip cut-scenes.

    I agree, & i think gamers that aren't interested in that should take the option in finding something suited to their requirements.

    I agree here too.

    100% agree
    And it's funny how cheats disable achievements/trophies but a player that isn't using cheats can't automatically disable cheats of co-op gamers using them.

    What about the name of the difficulty setting itself, should easy really be renamed causal just so it won't offend causal gamers ?
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  3. The sad thing is I know a lot of people who would call you an edge lord that hasn't outgrown middle school just for wanting that, but I guess those are the same overly PC people we're talking about anyways
  4. VSW


    Or just make Hardcore more challenging lol.

    Yea many of those type of gamers buy, platinum & then quickly trade in games.


    What about a parental lock?
    Me & someone on a different forum was discussing this, a parental lock that way anything for mature audiences could be switched off for gamers underage or overly sensitive.

    I have no idea what an edge lord is, & I think we all have a right to look after our own interests.
  5. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    Yes -- it can lock the doors to Technically Legal!
    What would we all do without the Urban Dictionary! :D
    (I admit, I had no idea either)
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  6. The ho-ing diversion should have more visual representation if you know what I mean ;)
  7. Personally I would love to see intro cutscenes for activities bought back. Even for minor activities and certain diversions such as Hitman and the Chop-Shop. Here's a list of activities they shoyld bring back as well as new ones

    Crowd Control
    Insurance Fraud
    Fight Club
    Gang War (similar to SR2 where you had to kill several enemy lieutenants scattered across the area)
    Saints of Fury (80's styled beat em up based off the missions from past SR titles)
    Zombie Uprising
    Professor Genki's Amazing Anarchy Race (a cross between SERC and Sad Panda Skyblazing from SR3)
    Tank Mayhem
    Mech Mayhem
    Heli Assault
    Trail Blazing
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2016
  8. No pimping or ho-ing?
    No demolition derby?

    but seriously demo derby is amazing.

    i think the activities of the game should make sure you can commit pretty much every crime in the game but also have a few fun ones like saints of fury. they could add some detail to the less defined activites like fuzz (i would love to see an episode). for gang wars you could add the need to destroy the enemy equipment/cars. and more hidden minigames like zombie uprising, perhaps pool, or some shit

    also bring back the
    cool visual effects from alcohol and drugs
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  9. Yeah, I liked it better when it was an XBOX exclusive
  10. Heeyay

    Heeyay Modding patch tester

    He means politically correct lol
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