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  1. SandwichGambino

    (Archive) Saints Row - Xbox 360 Dashboard Theme

    There was no footage of this theme anywhere on the internet since 2006. This was a part of the Pre-Order Bonus Disc along with some cool Saints Row gamerpics. I'm pretty confident this was never sold on the 360 Marketplace. I own an Xbox 360 still running Blades so I decided to archive as much...
  2. Gector Nathan (Matt Fan)

    Re-Elected Black Screen instead of a game

    So i tried to give Re-Elected a chance, but every time i tried to start New Game or load one of my save files, it never loads and pretty much never starts, its always black screen without even logo, because the program, in fact, as I understand it, freezes at this moment, i tried to low...
  3. YeehawPhoenix

    Equal Damage (TRUE Hardcore Mode) / Instant Ragdolls for SR2

    Equal Damage (TRUE Hardcore Mode) / Instant Ragdolls Created by YeehawPhoenix Description I've had this mod to myself for a couple years now but I have now decided to release to y'all! I always thought that Saints Row 2 was a bit *too* easy, especially after playing it for years now. So I've...
  4. Gector Nathan (Matt Fan)

    Playstation Buttons

    Yes, my request is really simple, i just want to see Xbox 360 buttons be replaced with Playstation ones, im playing with DS4, and even though i perfectly understand what each button means (because i have Xbox controller myself which i can't connect to PC), i would love to see PS buttons there, i...
  5. Mixxy

    Mixxy's Reshade

  6. MODSaintsRow

    Homies & NPCs Saints Row The Third | 2022 New heli and land squad homies for protection / Vtol2 with squad 6man ,black beer full squad 6man ,white eagle squad 6man

  7. B

    Modding support? Rip modding?

    While the developers are silent about modding, I'll ask you what you think about it? Do we wait for an official answer about mod support, or not, which of you is ready to make truly real tools for creating mods? Map editor, visual scripting, animatuon tools, and so on, I hope there are such...
  8. j3lly_m3lly

    is majority of saints row reboot criticism unreasonable?

    the characters and story take the main spotlight of saints row's criticism, even tho if saints row's quality would b standing with just story and characters 2 a relevant degree, players wouldn't b hving thousands of hours in saints row games, but rather dozens at best.. y? bc that's how long the...
  9. R

    A fix for “loading 5%” stuck?

    Hi, is there a final fix for the game stack at loading 5%? I tried everything, reinstalling the game, reinstalling Windows, running game in every compatibility mode (with Windows 95 compatibility mode it loads fine, but as soon as I start a new game from the main menu it crashes so basically I’m...
  10. M4v3r1ck_13

    Saints Row deserves a Reboot. Urgently.

    Sorry to say that. But the franchise needs a reboot. Only the Boss will retain his/her memories of the previous timeline. How can I put everything without fucking up my own Thread? First of all it's time to Make Saints Row Great Again. Greater than before I might say. Will sound silly. But...
  11. Singa

    The Saints Row Discord

    As many of you are aware, there is a large, fan-run Saints Row server over on Discord. Today we have added a dedicated button that will direct you to the server on our frontpage: The server is partnered with Discord, so please follow the rules in #welcome, the Discord Terms of Service, as...
  12. EmperorMays

    Homies & NPCs Witcher 3 Homie Mod?

    I had recently acquired a PC suitable for gaming and I'm able to play Saints Row 3 now. With that I'm fairly interested in modding the game to see what kinds of mods I can put in it. I'm kind of new to the site but I'm curious if it's possible to use different models for Saints Row 3 or if it's...
  13. NarrowWatch

    Before we get a Saints Row movie, what movie(s) do you think encapsulates well the SR formula?

    (That can be any game from the series, or as a whole if you wish so..) Sometimes I find myself watching a movie and thinking: "man, this feels so much like that one game..."; and I think if that happens to anybody else, so now that we are getting a SR movie... what are your "Unofficial Saints...
  14. sergio brasileiro

    mods sexo

    Quando sai os mod hot coffe? Saints Row 4
  15. Aquanort

    [MOD REQUEST] Donnie & Lin Over Matt Miller & Asha

  16. Aquanort

    [MOD REQUEST] Lin Over SR3 Shaundi

  17. Singa

    Steam Winter Sale 2019

    The Saints Row franchise is currently heavily discounted on Steam! Another great chance to pick up Saints Row 2 for a cheap price, which will grant you a free copy of the SR2 patch ones it releases!
  18. Aquanort

    Is it possible to make a custom player voice mod?

  19. A

    Saints Row on PC

    Hey everyone, I was wondering what the state of sr1 is for the pc with an emulator. I have the disc for the game but I dont have an xbox 360. Should I even try to play the game via some sort of emulator or is it completely unplayable. Thanks
  20. Singa

    Classic Tombstone

    This mod switches the Tombstone's model in Saints Row 2 to the model from Saints Row, which is used in cutscenes in Saints Row 2 and for the Orbital Launcher from Gentlemen of the Row. I made two files: One that simply makes the Tombstone look like in SR1 and another one which does the same...