Gentlemen of the Row

Discussion in 'Compilations' started by [V] IdolNinja, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Singa

    Singa Succubus Staff Member

    At the airport
  2. I tried taking a helicopter to that one, but it said it was only for planes. To reiterate, I'm not looking to buy helicopters, I'm looking to modify one. Am I just blind and didn't see it?
  3. Singa

    Singa Succubus Staff Member

    There should be another one at the northern hangar.
  4. Appreciated. I'll take another look
  5. I looked again, but I only saw a helicopter garage(which I didn't know was there so that's something new), but no helicopter mechanic. Any specifics on where?
  6. what this mod does could inform me
  7. Oh man, this does...A LOT of things:
    16 new weapons
    5 new unlockable infinite ammo types including thrown ammo and rockets
    Existing weapons damage and accuracy rebalancing and new meshes/textures
    Optional super sliders greatly extend the range of character creation sliders
    Change character height ranging from a 3ft dwarf to a monstrous 8ft giant
    20 new walks taunts and compliments
    13 new skin colors
    21 new hair colors
    10 new makeup colors
    104 new eye colors
    Optional player skateboarding, rollerblading, and more
    100+ new clothing items
    61 new outfits
    34 New clothing colors
    122 New Custom Logos
    New Misc slots for equipping items like badges and bluetooth headsets
    Optional selectable colors in wardrobe for existing clothes
    25 multiplayer only tattoos available in single player
    10 new tribal tattoos including full body versions
    3 New custom tattoos
    Optional nude mod removes pixelation
    Plane and boat mechanics for customizing
    All unique vehicles are now fully customizable at the mechanic
    A huge number of extra mechanic options for previously unavailable items like decals
    6 new complete retextures of existing vehicles like the Bear and Five-O
    5 new vehicle dealerships offer every single vehicle in the game including cutscene only and unused ones
    2 new custom vehicles
    RWD handling fixed on all larger vehicles
    Flyable El Train
    The Wolverine, Bear, and Bulldog have alt-fire rockets
    New vehicle paints including true black, rival gang colors, and body usable metals like chrome and white gold
    1 new custom race on ATVs at the mall
    3 new cribs for sale; Aisha's house, Phillips Building, and Ultor Yacht
    Additional crib garages and utilities added to existing cribs
    4 new homies
    Optional homie packs for villains and other misc characters
    100+ New Misc Music tracks for sale at Scratch That
    New main menu and pause music with optional choices
    All radio stations now available at endgame
    First person (optional)
    Increased FOV (optional)
    Hudless for screenshots (optional)
    Increased camera range in Fine Aim mode
    All cheats cheat adds everything to your phone with one code
    100+ new npc morph cheats
    Optional Open mods allow you to set all pricing to $1, remove cheat flagging, instant respect, all weapons immediately for sale, and more
    21 new gang vehicles to choose from
    47 new optional gang customization types
    2 ported DLC missions
    Fixes implemented for a huge number of mission scripting bugs
    Fast weapon switching in single player
    Optional 360 and PS3 on screen button prompts
    Optional handling mod turns down the driving sensitivity
    Optional sticky Camera mod stops the auto recentering of the camera while driving
    Complete Multi-language support now configurable via launch options
    All new unlockables and better rewards includes new outfits, weapons, homies, and more
    Completely revamped weather including a more vibrant colorful daytime and darker nighttime.
    Optional Zombie Uprising at the Mall
    2 new custom sets of spray tags
    All new CD Locations with new unlockable outfit rewards
    Optional chunk mod loads the Prison Riot, Heritage Festival, and Brotherhood tanker chunks permanently during normal open world play
    Over 100+ other tweaks and fixes
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