Gentlemen of the Row

No, store income has nothing to do with items, you'll just get abysmal Style from buying stuff because that's tied to its retail price. (Roughly 1 Style point every 10$.)
Thanks. BTW it's 1 Style Point per every $20 spent. (I'm gunning for all the activities, so that's not a big deal, you can always revert back to stock pricing.)

So you get the amount specified on the purchased screen, got it. Does it also work like that when buying GoTR stores like Volition Gift Shop? Last time I played SR2: GoTR was 2 years ago.
I think everything is $1, I just tested the mod once but never kept it on. Worst case scenario, use the 100.000$ code in Sandbox+ (if you've installed it).
I'm just grateful for this mod and his configuration, thank you very much. I played it on my old rig some years ago, then I've started over last weekend on my new pc, I've installed the newest version and imported my own mods from then, compiled it again and it works like a charm.
Talented and dedicated people like you are the reason why gaming is so great on pc.
BTW: I play games since 35 years and Saints Row 2 is in my Top Three of the most beloved games, more than any great shooter or deep role playing game and I prefere one of my stupid gangster bitches over Liara, Lydia or Piper. This game makes me just happy and laugh all the time, more than any other. I played it this weekend and I felt in love again. Thanx to you, people, Gentlemen of the row, and Reshade.
how do I download the mod? I'm new to pc gaming and just clicked the download for the mod and every time just comes up like a bit of paper not an actual file.

Just press there, it will show Google Drive page with the rar file to download GOTR
If you dont have Winrar, download it and you are able to open the file to get the mod..