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Gentlemen of the Row

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by [V] IdolNinja, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Yeah there is but it is hard to pull off. I can't restore the vanilla Sniper Rifle model and texture because it won't show up. I was more successful with the RPG Launcher but that's it.

    Turns out I need to add the mesh and textures to the preload.tbl list
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  2. Is there a way to edit police behavior so they'll arrest you as soon as they knock you to the ground? Like with a 3 hit combo or a taser
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  3. Dear idolninja, сould you publish the old files cs01 and cs02 (lua and cts) with the missions that was removed from the gentlemen of the row 1.9 final (mission about clones and your custom mission). I know how to connect them. I really want them to pass.
  4. Сan anyone have old patches GOTR 1.9 (prereliase versions)
  5. Thank you for this I have to say saints row 2 is my favorite game
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  6. Speaking about "noclip", there is a glitch inside the Saints' HQ crib in the room where you customize your gang, head left toward the wall crotch then jump up on the white ledge then you can go thru the wall!
    Screenshot_2.jpg Screenshot_3.jpg Screenshot_4.jpg Screenshot_5.jpg
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  7. So here's something weird: I have the Steam version of the game and whenever i get anywhere near any crib, even the vanilla ones, the game drops to 2 FPS, the screen goes black, a line of text saying" Don't leave, Stillwater needs you!" appears and...nothing else happens

    EDIT: Nevermind, i seem to have fixed it
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  8. I seem to have a problem with the final Ronin mission One Man's Junk, not sure if it is the game itself, the GotR mod, or the power tools I have installed, or the fact that I am cheating, but the game seems to crash near the final part of the mission on the Junks, it never fails, it always crashes there, gonna try a few things, but I am pretty sure unless it is the mod itself, then I am screwed.

    Edit: It was the mod and it wasn't I have come to realize, since there is a sword fight at the end of the mission, it had to be the fact that I was equipped with dual swords that bugged it out and crashed it, problem was it was happening at the start of the part on the Junks, not the sword fight part, so I didn't think it was that, but it had to be. So, as a recap, when fighting Jynouchi in his mission, and in One Man's Junk, do not have dual swords equipped, or else the game bugs out.
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  9. Why does GoTR break multiplayer? If I was to edit some files GoTR modifies could I restore it? As it is now me and my friends have to all uninstall GoTR and then load our games (which it works fine afterwards) through a LAN service like tunngle or hamachi. Which also works well.