Flow754's Weapon Clone Tool

Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by flow754, Apr 22, 2017.

  1. upload_2018-9-2_18-50-8.png
    This is what I mean by Class (Sorry about confusion, cause in-Game Class = Weapon, Style = Costume & Skin = Skin...its like everything has 2 to 3 names....very disorganized)
  2. upload_2018-9-2_19-21-56.png

    Okay so you know how the tutorial says to use Binary 2014...will this was Binary 2013...from some reason I think we should be using Binary 2013.

    - Blender can Import Binary 2013, but doesn't mention what year Binary 7.4 or ACSII 6.4
    - The Mesh in the Screenshot wasn't edited in Blender
    - The Templates are in ACSII...but the Year/Version isn't mention
    - The Game came out in 2013, but they tell us to use a 2014 plugin
    - Scary difference between is if I use Binary 2014 vs Binary 2013, that I have a newer version of FBX Plug-in
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