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Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by flow754, Apr 22, 2017.

  1. upload_2018-9-2_18-50-8.png
    This is what I mean by Class (Sorry about confusion, cause in-Game Class = Weapon, Style = Costume & Skin = Skin...its like everything has 2 to 3 names....very disorganized)
  2. upload_2018-9-2_19-21-56.png

    Okay so you know how the tutorial says to use Binary 2014...will this was Binary 2013...from some reason I think we should be using Binary 2013.

    - Blender can Import Binary 2013, but doesn't mention what year Binary 7.4 or ACSII 6.4
    - The Mesh in the Screenshot wasn't edited in Blender
    - The Templates are in ACSII...but the Year/Version isn't mention
    - The Game came out in 2013, but they tell us to use a 2014 plugin
    - Scary difference between is if I use Binary 2014 vs Binary 2013, that I have a newer version of FBX Plug-in
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  3. I have this issue with cloning weapons...whenever i try to do any examples of cloning..it doesn't work.. upload_2020-2-7_15-31-4.png
    This is the sad sad result...i tried this with my two copies of saints row 4, one pirated and one being legally bought from steam, both are like this...

    EDIT: Please tell me how can i fix this issue and actually start cloning weapons...i'm trying to make a duplicate of the Thompson `Costume` of the SMG-Gang weapon into a separate standalone weapon named SMG-Pleasantville that the 50s Police can use during M02.
  4. flow754

    flow754 Modding patch tester

    I think the problem could be caused by the spaces in your working directory, which is also your default output folder. You could try specifying a custom output path without spaces as the 4th command line argument or straight up moving the clone tool to a different directory
  5. Ok thank you :)

    EDIT: Does it have to be an actual folder or can i do it in the desktop? because i tried it in the desktop and it still doesn't work and the directory to my desktop has no spaces, i even changed the folder name to not contain spaces such as: Weapon Clone Tool > WeaponCloneTool
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  6. upload_2020-2-8_19-11-39.png These are all my files in the WeaponCloneFolder

    EDIT: Please, tell me, what am i doing wrong to get an error?
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