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Flow754's Weapon Clone Tool

Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by flow754, Apr 22, 2017.

  1. Where is the Weapons_skins.xtbl
    I extracted patch_compressed.vpp_pc to folder and only have Weapons (This is Models) & Weapon_Costumes (Is this the Skins)
  2. flow754

    flow754 Modding patch tester

    Weapon_costumes is for, well, costumes, alternative 3d models for weapons. I believe weapon_skins.xtbl, the file responsible for alternative textures, is in misc_tables.vpp_pc for some reason.
  3. Thank you, as I'm working on a .BAT file that acts like a Wizard...if I can allow Users to Bulk it would be awesome
    If I'm able to detect the functions available based on the User Copying the <Weapon><Name>, <Costume><Name> or <Skin><Name> with the Name.

    If I try to create an alternative Skin based off a Weapon or Costume/Style Name I get this
    Cloning Baseball Skin.png

    I need to test try if <Weapon> with Weapon or Costume Function and <Costume> with Weapon or Costume Function because if my theory is correct then you can only Create a Clone Weapon or Costume for Weapon, but a Clone Costume for Costume only and a Clone Skin for Skin only.

    Okay so the Test I've conducted with Your new Parameters
    the Name From .XTBL, Clone Type = Results using .BAT
    Name from Weapons.xtbl
    1A. Clone Weapon = Empty Folder
    1B. Clone Costume = Empty Folder
    1C. Clone Skin = Empty Folder

    Name from Weapon_costumes.xtbl
    2A. Clone Weapon = Folder with 6 xtbl for skinning, upgrades, costumes, etc
    2B. Clone Costume = Folder with 3 xtbl for costumes, inventory, 3D
    2C. Clone Skin = Empty Folder

    Name from Weapon_skins.xtbl
    3A. Clone Weapon = Folder with xtbl for skinning
    3B. Clone Costume = Folder with xtbl for skinning
    3C. Clone Skin = Folder with xtbl for skinning

    So this is what I came to

    1. Only use skin function on skin names for standalone skins
    2. Only use weapon function on costume names to convert a costume to a standalone weapon with its own costume/skins/upgrades/etc
    3. Only use costume function on costume names to make a standalone model variant under a standalone weapon with standalone skins
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