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  1. Where is the Weapons_skins.xtbl
    I extracted patch_compressed.vpp_pc to folder and only have Weapons (This is Models) & Weapon_Costumes (Is this the Skins)
  2. flow754

    flow754 Modding patch tester

    Weapon_costumes is for, well, costumes, alternative 3d models for weapons. I believe weapon_skins.xtbl, the file responsible for alternative textures, is in misc_tables.vpp_pc for some reason.
  3. Thank you, as I'm working on a .BAT file that acts like a Wizard...if I can allow Users to Bulk it would be awesome
    If I'm able to detect the functions available based on the User Copying the <Weapon><Name>, <Costume><Name> or <Skin><Name> with the Name.

    If I try to create an alternative Skin based off a Weapon or Costume/Style Name I get this
    Cloning Baseball Skin.png

    I need to test try if <Weapon> with Weapon or Costume Function and <Costume> with Weapon or Costume Function because if my theory is correct then you can only Create a Clone Weapon or Costume for Weapon, but a Clone Costume for Costume only and a Clone Skin for Skin only.

    Okay so the Test I've conducted with Your new Parameters
    the Name From .XTBL, Clone Type = Results using .BAT
    Name from Weapons.xtbl
    1A. Clone Weapon = Empty Folder
    1B. Clone Costume = Empty Folder
    1C. Clone Skin = Empty Folder

    Name from Weapon_costumes.xtbl
    2A. Clone Weapon = Folder with 6 xtbl for skinning, upgrades, costumes, etc
    2B. Clone Costume = Folder with 3 xtbl for costumes, inventory, 3D
    2C. Clone Skin = Empty Folder

    Name from Weapon_skins.xtbl
    3A. Clone Weapon = Folder with xtbl for skinning
    3B. Clone Costume = Folder with xtbl for skinning
    3C. Clone Skin = Folder with xtbl for skinning

    So this is what I came to

    1. Only use skin function on skin names for standalone skins
    2. Only use weapon function on costume names to convert a costume to a standalone weapon with its own costume/skins/upgrades/etc
    3. Only use costume function on costume names to make a standalone model variant under a standalone weapon with standalone skins
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  4. Hi, I got one strange bug, converter doesn't repack clip archive. As I understand that is some problem on maya side, it rename all "-" to "_" when almost all clip files end with the "-clip" so you need manually create clip str2 and fix asm file.
  5. flow754

    flow754 Modding patch tester

    Yeah, I've encountered this bug too. Instead of creating the str2 file manually, you can simply change the affected filenames after the conversion before clicking the package button.
  6. Lol I did it for skins but for some reason i did't think about same approach for clips. And one more question Maya\centimeters\Z-axis Force 3d max in the convertor. Everything looks ok except tags. I have to multiply tag position in maya on 2.54 to get same position is game. There is some way not to do it or this is some necessary magic?
  7. flow754

    flow754 Modding patch tester

    I'm assuming you're following your own tutorial to convert 3dsMax models to Maya's coordinate system? I'm using a sligthly different approach as I normally set the converter to Y-Up/Centimeters when I work on weapons. To get the model to look somewhat like it does ingame, I usually
    • set Maya's up-axis to Y if it isn't already
    • import the template
    • unbind the skin
    • unparent the tags from the root bone
    • rotate and scale the root bone, so that the transform's at 0,0,0/0,0,0/1,1,1
    • manually create a new skin for the weapon
    • (optionally) check if the tags are positioned at the origin if the location's set to 0,0,0. If not, move the tags to the origin, freeze the translation and move them back to where they should be.
    • Edit > Delete All By Type > Non-Deformer History
    Maybe I've skipped a step there, but that's basically how I do it.
  8. Hi, I tried to copy RifleBurst-0-NG and found that clone tool didn't rename clone clip, it will cause problem I guess
    Same for RifleAuto-0-AR but it rename SMGLarge-0-SWAT's clip
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  9. flow754

    flow754 Modding patch tester

    Very weird, thanks for pointing this out.
  10. flow754

    flow754 Modding patch tester

    This issue should be fixed in the latest revision.
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