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  1. flow754

    flow754 Modding patch tester

    Works pretty much like Minimaul's ThomasJepp.SaintsRow.CustomizationItemClone.exe but for weapon costumes and skins. I haven't tried cloning every costume/skin yet, so if any clone function crashes the tool for you or creates buggy assets in-game, please report it in the comments.

    revision 02 - added a required command line parameter to let users specify which clone function they'd like to use
    revision 03 - fixed a bug that would cause some cloned clips to not be renamed properly

    Implemented Features:
    - Clone an existing weapon costume to a new weapon in the Workshop format.
    - Clone an existing weapon costume to a new costume for the same weapon.
    - Clone an existing costume skin to a new skin for the same costume.
    - Automatically creates string XML files for easier editing of in-game text.

    Known Issues:
    - Clones of costumes that use physics simulation will be static.
    - Clones of costumes often lack HUD icons.
    - The clone tool doesn't rename the clips of some cloned weapons.

    Install instructions:
    Extract all files in the zip to a new folder on your PC. Don't put them in the same directory as Minimaul's tools if you have those installed as there might be conflicts.

    Short Tutorial:
    Here's how you write the command:
    Code (Text):
    Flow.WeaponClone.exe source name function [output]
    'Source' is the name of any weapon costume included in the vanilla weapon_costumes.xtbl for the functions "weapon" and "costume". For the "skin" function, 'source' is the name of any skin entry included in weapon_skins.xtbl.
    'Name' is a custom name you have to come up with for your new weapon/costume/skin. In order to make sure there won't be any mod incompatibilities you have to make sure that this string is unique. I recommend including your username.
    As of revision 02, there's the new 'function' parameter to let you specify which one of the clone functions you want to make use of. There're three available options:
    • "weapon" - this function clones any given source costume to a new weapon entry, just like the tool used to do originally.
    • "costume" - this also clones the source costume, but doesn't create a new weapon entry, which is useful if you just want to add a new costume to an existing weapon.
    • "skin" - this function clones any given source skin to a new skin for the same costume. Very useful for making texture variants. Make sure that the 'source' argument is the name of a weapon_skins.xtbl entry if you use this function.
    'Output' is the folder where your new mod files will be created. If you leave it blank, the files will be put in the same folder as the tool's exe.


    Code (Text):
    Flow.WeaponClone.exe "PistolHeavy-2-Rail" "flow_pistol_weapon1" "weapon"
    Creates a new weapon that looks like the DEK-RD Railpistol.
    Code (Text):
    Flow.WeaponClone.exe "Rifle-Disintegrator" "flow_disintegrator_costume1" "costume"
    Creates a new costume for the Disintegrator Rifle.
    Code (Text):
    Flow.WeaponClone.exe "BaseballBat_1" "flow_BaseballBat_skin1" "skin"
    Creates a new texture variant for the baseball bat.

    @Minimaul for this tool is essentially just an elaborate mod of his ThomasJepp.SaintsRow.CustomizationItemClone.exe.

    Source code: https://github.com/flow754/Flow.WeaponClone

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  2. flow754

    flow754 Modding patch tester

    Released revision 02.
  3. I don't know if you saw my message on steam, but when I tried to make a costume for the dildo bat it didn't work. It shows up in the store, but it's invisible. If you try to use it, it makes the weapon not work. That's just copying everything from the folder without any changes.
  4. flow754

    flow754 Modding patch tester

    Interesting, how did you call your costume? Have you tried another name?
  5. Here's the unedited files the tool put out.

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  6. Made a .BAT Tool for Using the CMD easier

    Thank goodness this tool is update. I'm sorry if I sound like a brat, but a lot of the tools I've been trying to use lack good tutorials, detailed steps and actual files. People keep saying the SDK has a converter...??? WHERE???

    Cause I'm simply trying to put Chrome from a Virus Lockdown on a Baseball Bat and call it Chomer...if that is too hard to do...I am definitely not cut for any kind of modding and should quit while I'm ahead.

    Where is "vanilla weapon_costumes.xtbl"?
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  7. flow754

    flow754 Modding patch tester

    It should be included in patch_compressed.vpp_pc in the game's "packfiles" directory. Just extract that using Minimaul's "ThomasJepp.ExtractPackfile.exe".
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  8. Thanks
    Off Topic
    - Where is this Modding Patch?
    - Do I already have it cause I've Updated SR4?
    - Can I copy the Chrome from Virus Vehicles onto a Weapon?
  9. flow754

    flow754 Modding patch tester

    Yup you should already have the modding patch installed if your copy of SRIV is up to date.
    You can either use 3d modelling software along with the SDK to apply a chrome material to the model or retexture the baseball bat to make it look more like metal.
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  10. Thank you so much I will try using the Dino Bot Suit instead as I hear Clothing is easy to access or if I can get it into Blender somehow .
    A few more questions
    I'm using Maya 2015, is it possible that the reason why my Mesh has errors upon Export = Not using Maya 2014?
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