Female animations change to male animations during/after missions

Discussion in 'Patch Suggestions and Bug Reports' started by Syrdeth, Aug 22, 2013.

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    If I'm not mistaken, the character model used for the female player in From Asha With Love is meant to have "male" animations, just like the rest of the characters during this mission and Zero Saints Thirty.
  2. I can confirm it's still a problem in Back by Popular demand. Haven't tried other missions yet, but as of now it manifests exactly the same way it did before. Start mission and everything is properly animated, but right after you have the flash back and it goes back the the Shilehleh your character animations are male, and then you're stuck with them on the airplane.
  3. RestrictedNZ, did you ever make it to later missions and notice whether it kept happening? I'm curious as to whether it's fixed for part of the game or what.
  4. I posted back in September on this thread about the animation bug also being on 360. I was told a patch would be in the works but it is slow moving. I decided to play Saints today for the first time since I found the bug to see if it had been fixed. There was a patch when I turned on so I was thinking great they must have finally patched it! Alas I start the same mission that caused the issue before and my female character starts walking like a male one. It's now the start of Decemeber and it is still not fixed, what's going on?
  5. I'm still getting this bug in the White House intro mission, "Back by popular demand", "The girl who hates the 50s" and kinda in "From Asha with Love" (after going down the secret stairwell, but not right before/in the boss fight). I've noticed that when the male animation set is being used eyelashes disappear from female characters.
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  6. Sorry I haven't replied to this thread in a while, folks. I haven't done a full test to see if the patch fully fixed it, but I have played a few of the missions and here's what I noticed.

    During the stated missions in the OP (at least, the couple I played with a friend), the female character still takes on the male animations. But, after the mission, the female animations are restored. You don't need to do the save/load trick. So, I guess it's half-fixed?
  7. So this thread was started back in August 2013, I posted to it in September 2013. I have now gone back to the game after months of waiting for a patch and still my female character walks like a male at the start of the mission I mentioned previously. We are now year on after the original post of this issue and there is still no fix on 360. Something tells me that the devs have abandoned the project. Great game but poor dev work.
  8. sidenote:
    I had a cool lady character in G.o.o.h ,suddenly she changed to johhny gat walking like he's of to the gay-pride parade :)
    It's not a problem ,just one of the funny things that happen when messing around with mods that weren't really meant for G.o.o.h.
  9. I have this on SR2...anyone else?
    On the first mission I get female animations, and after they change to male (except for the walking one)
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