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  1. How do you get this to work with gentleman of steelport?
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  2. I know it's quite late, but it's possible to add a full red eye?
    Like changing the full black eyes for full red eyes?
  3. Coming Soon.jpg
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  4. BigGiantHead.jpg

    It's been just over a year since my last update and by now most people might think I abandoned this mod. I had started v1.5 a while ago but I got to busy to finish it, anyway the the buzz of the new modding tools and the fact I had some holidays I sat down to complete it. With the last update it mostly revolved around the female boss character, so with this version I have balanced things out by adding textures for the males. I have redesigned all twenty seven of the facial hair styles and because all of the existing ones were very good I had a hard time thinking up new ones. They range from practical to fancy and like with the last update something else is being brought back from SR2 and that's sideburns.


    It's not just facial hair being updated in this version, the skins have been played with too. Previously the skins had to be selected and you would be stuck with one of them, you would then have to redo the mod to change it. I have now remedied this by placing them in the game through Image as Designed, if selected they will replace the items that are in the make up menu.


    Because there are seven available slots I have added two new skins for each sex. For the man the hairy theme is continued and for the woman there was only one choice, freckles. I thought there should be at least something for the female and seeing as the freckle bitch skin was quite popular, I have created two more with each getting heavier on the freckles.

    Feature Skins Female.jpg
    Feature Skins Male.jpg

    Now that they are placed over the player in the game, it means you can use your own skin and still use these textures. For example if you had a character that had a birthmark shaped like professor genki and wanted to give it the hairy chest texture, you can. You just put your genki skin in the usual folder and do the rest in the game.


    As usual if you have any comments or suggestions let me know. If you can't get it to work read the readme or the new FAQs in the documents folder.
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  5. Following some tutorials, I was able to do it myself!
    Which made me realise all the hardwork and dedication you, JediDave, put on to this mod.

    Thanks for this awesome piece of art, mate!

    Excited to check out the new update!!!
  6. Just a note, because someone asked, if you want this to work with Gentlemen of Steelport, after choosing what you want to install in the batch file, choose build loose mod collection because if you choose to build the patch files you'll have to overwrite the ones for this mod.
  7. Thanks for that dude, I'm sorry I didn't get back to you as I've started a new job and I have twelve hour days now. I'm just glad people are still playing the third and that you like the mod.

    And thanks for answering this query but you can get around this method by using the Your_Patch_Here folder in the mods main directory. Just take the end result of Gentlemen of Steelport and place it in this folder, the batch file will combine your patch with your choices from the customizer resulting in just one set of files.
  8. Miku Hatsune

    Miku Hatsune Modding patch tester

    When selecting all anime eyes and pressing M, it brings you back to the first menu, the one before the selection menus.
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  9. 7ex


    Oh my god, I got it all figured out.

    I use a few mods besides Jedi's, I'll list them right now.
    • NPC Behavior
    • Permanent Temporary Weapons
    • Sandbox Plus
    • Super Cat and Mouse
    • GOS (of course I do, if you don't you're insane)
    The process for these specifically is incredibly simple, all you have to do is make sure the two VPP_PC files from the sandbox mod are put into your pc packfiles folder (Make sure to backup originals) and go ahead and make sure you put the items VPP_PC file from the weapons mod in there as well. Once that's done all you have to do is put all the mod files (excluding any aforementioned VPP_PC files already put in packfiles as well as any extra folders or readme files) into the Your_Character_Mods_Here folder. Once you've done this and made sure to generate a GOS patch move the two GOS patch files to the Your_Patch_Here folder.

    Once thats all complete you just have to generate the customizer via the .bat file and it will automatically include your mods in the patch file, no need for a messy root folder.

    If you use Porno and Murder DO NOT move the customize_player.asm_pc into the mod folder, EXCLUDE IT COMPLETELY. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS THE GAME WILL NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY. Ignore customize_player.asm_pc and just make sure to put the other files from that mod folder into the your characters mods here folder.

    Now, with that said and done if you have any other mods aside from the ones I listed the process should be generally the same. I've spent hours trying to figure this damn thing out and finally it all clicked so I'mma call it quits and see if I can't actually enjoy this game tomorrow with these glorious mods, hopefully this little guide helps someone.

    PS--Thanks Dave for the awesome mod/program.
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  10. Vid


    Hey, is this all you did to make your game work? Nothing else? Because for me this mod doesn't play nice with other mods, and as soon as I add it, my game doesn't load. I have my patch_compressed and patch_uncompressed generated by GoS in the Your_Patch_Here folder, and all my mod files in my base SR3 game folder in the Your_Character_Mods_Here folder except for the customize_player.asm_pc file, which I did not include as you said, and yet when I use the patch files generated by this mod - boom, game doesn't work anymore. Any ideas? Or from the mod author? Thanks.
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