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  1. would be good if this mod support body slider for breast, tight, butt, etc, weight body slider, like CBBE bodyslide in skyrim :)
  2. Version 1.3.5 now released. This update has been given the .5 as it is in between versions, no customizations have been added but improvements have been made. The batch menu will now remember the options from your previous session making it quicker and much more user friendly, of course the option to start again is still there. This will help with those people who like to chop and change the likes of the scars or the skins. I tested the theory of a quick turn around by exiting the game, starting the customizer and using the option to keep my settings. I then changed my skin, finished up, placed the file in the cache and was on the streets of Steelport in well under two minutes time.


    As it was when I first started with this batch file this was all new to me, but it has been tested along the way. Any problems comments or suggestions let me know. If you can't get it to work read the readme in the documents folder.
  3. Sorry if this is getting tiring, but I've gone through each and every step of this for the last 3 hours and I just cannot get it to work (game starts up but gets stuck on loading). So I have a couple of questions:
    1: When I drop my other texture mod files into the 'your mods here' folder, do I copy them from the directory or move them all together. And which files do I actually need to drag over (I read a little while back that it was the SR2_PC files, but I just need confirmation.)
    2: I've placed the file in the cache folder, and I saw that the ASM_PC files can be updated with the tool that was linked. Should I do that after dropping the file?
    3: I tried emptying out the other mods in the main directory, and whilst the game actually fully loaded, I couldn't see any of the new tattoos in the shop. Anything I can do to fix this? (other than a fresh install, which I'm tempted to do right now)

    Don't mean to cause any hassle. The mod looks great, just hopefully I'll be able to play it :D
  4. When you use this mod you should only end up with one file, that is the customize_player.vpp_pc which will go in the cache file, you don't need any files in the directory. When placing your own mods in the Your_Mods_Here file you should only be putting in files that end in .str2_pc. For example if you have a mod for a male skin then you would place the 'Default male diffuse.str2_pc' in the file. You do nothing with the ASMs in this mod, these are for when you want to use it within the main directory. The mod will provide it's own ASM file which will be updated and contained within the customize_player.vpp_pc as part of the process.
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  5. Well I managed to get your mod working fine (woot woot!), but I can't seem to get the other texture mods to work with it. Oh well. Thanks for the help and great mod ;)
  6. Version 1.4 is still going to be a while so I'm uploading this as a bit of fun, it has no theme so it will go under random features. Spots, zits, pimples or mirror snipers, whatever you call them even the boss can have breakouts. If you use a height mod to make your character a teenager or you want to add some reality to your game, I have converted all of the moles into spots.

    Hello Spotty.jpg

    On another note if you've downloaded version 1.3.5 how are you getting on with it? Are there any mistakes or problems I should know about?

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  7. So apparently since SR4 has about the same tattoos as SR3, and possibly mod support, do you have plans to redo this mod for SR4?
    Because the default are god awful and these are incredible
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  8. Arioh

    Arioh Modding patch tester

    agree, id liked to see that mod in sr4 too
  9. I'm definitely going to transfer and carry on with this mod in Saints Row 4. Once the clever people who make the tools have made the ones that the equivalent to the ones used in this mod I can make a start. My only problem is my current computer is dead, I'm using my crappy netbook at the moment. So between an expensive rebuild, transferring files and all the other stuff it may take a while.
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