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Discussion in 'Character Customisation & Clothing' started by JediDave, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Couldn't you read at least two last pages? :confused:
  2. Hi, just installed this mod using the easy build, using no other mods, the game gets stuck on the loading screen, whereas without it it loads fine.

    I'm only interested in the tattoos tbh
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    Are you running any other mods that might affect the character textures in any way?

    Are you using the full-legal Steam version of the game?
  4. Yes, just got it in the steam sale for 7.5$, no other mods yet, will try a game cache check and try again
  5. Arglaar

    Arglaar Nitpicking Bastard Staff Member

    Cache check may help.

    Usually, when installing a texture mod, if it hangs at the loading screen, it's caused by a conflict with other texture mods, and requires you to rebuild the ASM_PC file for both mods.
    However, if you're using JediDave's installer and following his instructions, this should have been done automagically for you.

    You may try going in and selecting the Tattoos yourself and building it that way.
  6. Perhaps you could ask ComradJK and JediDave to upload the combined freckled nude skin? For us players who love the freckles, but are hopeless with adding/changing files? =P
  7. I have, actually. Just waiting on a response from one of the two. I have permission from one. The screenshots are in the adult section if you haven't seen them, Ava.
  8. They look wonderfull. I hope the other gives permission as well. This mod will be sweeeeeeet. ^^
  9. Hoping worked! Well, maybe. I have permission from both so I *hope* to have the new files ready to go in a few days. Depends on how busy I get with work (kills my free time at home when all I want to do is sleep when I walk in the door... heh).
  10. FUBAR.jpg

    The theme for this update is character damage, this is for those of you out there that like more realism to your games. I personally like to build up my customization as I go through the game, for example getting only one tattoo at a time or dressing the match the mission. I like the scars available in the game, they add that something extra to the character, but where did that scar come from? The first thing I worked on was making a freshly cut version of the scars, so now when you've had a mission which is hard on the boss (like diving through a plane or getting mauled by a tiger) you can go to Image as Designed and get yourself a trophy cut. Live with it for a while and when you think it's time, update the mod and change it to a scar.

    Original Cuts.jpg

    I didn't want to leave it at just the original options so the second item on the list was to create a new set of scars. These also have both alternatives in cut or scar.

    New Cuts Scars.jpg

    Taking it one step further again I took the more or less useless warts from the features menu and replaced them with yet more injuries.

    Wart Replacement Cuts Scars.jpg

    With all this damage to the face you will need a body to match so two more options have been added to each skin menu. One of them is bruised and the other is battered.


    As usual if you have any comments or suggestions let me know. If you can't get it to work read the readme in the documents folder.
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