Sandbox++ turns into Expansion (Missions Tweaks, NPC/Group Spawners and More!)

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  1. For the sandbox+ expansion I spent hours getting strings from debug missions and create group with the same name in debug in any missions, finally enemies can be modified with use of flags. (Wonder why for m08/Trojan Whores I can't modifiy the strippers back in 2016) After the old release for triggering homies behavior. old outdated hotkeys are they're but may not match my latest one

    I can create group in active missions, also there's no need to go mission start checkpoint instead you'll have fun in free-roam while you have the groups active until you hit exit.

    group_create("local_start_vehicle_group", true)
    group_create("remote_start_vehicle_group", true)
    group_create("Minigun_Brute_group 001", true)
    group_create("Brute_group 001", true)
    group_create("transport_heli_group 001", true)
    group_create("transport_soldiers 001", true)
    group_create("transport_heli_group 002", true)
    group_create("transport_soldiers 002", true)
    group_create("transport_heli_group 003", true)
    group_create("transport_soldiers 003", true)
    group_create("homies_start", true)
    group_create("homies_gangway", true)

    And keep in mind that if you load too many groups then the whole city will become ghost town, and older groups not show up unless you kill all of them. Better for large interiors to spawn them.
    will not show up due to limitations of the game.
    Code (Text):
    if GROUP_START == 0 then
    --    group_create("roof_group 001", true)  
    --    group_create("roof_group 002", true)  
    --    group_create("roof_group 003", true)  
    --    group_create("roof_group 005", true)  
    group_create("roof_group 005", true)  
        group_create("roof_group 006", true)  
    group_create("roof_group 007", true)  


            group_destroy("roof_group 005")
            group_destroy("roof_group 007")
            group_destroy("roof_group 006")

    if GROUP_START == 1 then
        group_create("girls_group 001", true)  
        group_create("girls_group 002", true)  
        group_create("girls_group 003", true)  
        group_create("girls_group 004", true)  
        group_create("girls_in_heli_crate_group", true)  
            group_create("Girls_pickup_heli_group", true)  
        group_create("heli_rail_group", true)  
        group_create("Girls_heli_group", true)  
        group_create("girls_truck_group", true)  
    group_destroy("girls_group 004")
    group_destroy("girls_group 002")
    group_destroy("girls_group 003")
    group_destroy("girls_group 001")

    Like the old ones I got still work not more of them as non-strings. But this ones like that are still present from my old one.
    set_never_turn_on_player(M08_group.pierce.npcs[1], false)
    set_never_turn_on_player(M08_group.zimos.npcs[1], false)

    I can enable to teleport to me, as it will treat like a spawner as works for cars.

    teleport_to_object( "m17_captive_viola" , LOCAL_PLAYER, false, nil, 0.3, 1.5)
    teleport_to_object( "m17_captive_shaundi" , LOCAL_PLAYER, false, nil, 0.7, 1.3)
    teleport_to_object( "m17_captive_pierce" , LOCAL_PLAYER, false, nil, 0.2,1.7)

    like this, I want to take my examples from my sandbox+ expandsion your welcome to.

    Setting the same team as players , whenever what team he is.

    Code (Text):
            local PLAYERS_TEAM = get_team(LOCAL_PLAYER)                  

            set_team("m17_captive_shaundi", PLAYERS_TEAM)  
            set_team("m17_captive_pierce", PLAYERS_TEAM)  
            set_team("m17_captive_viola", PLAYERS_TEAM)  
            sandbox_message("homies are set in your current team")        
    You change team current team as players, it also included follwers and homies from your phone and
    which can steal their team once they appear by pressing G+RIGHT if they don't attack you.

    if u want mission homies off you if can't dismiss them normally just this.
    party_dismiss("m17_captive_viola" )
    party_dismiss("m17_captive_pierce" )
    party_dismiss("m17_captive_shaundi" )

    You can do this trick by re-spawning even their dead since I can't bring dead npcs to life.
    Code (Text):
                    if mission_is_active("m15")  then
                                                --set_ignore_ai_flag("npc_inside_static_decker 011", false)

                    group_destroy("group_deckers_base", true)
                        --group_destroy("group_homies 002", true)
                        group_destroy("group_lobby_deckers_wave 003", true)
                        group_destroy("group_lobby_deckers_wave 002", true)
                        group_destroy("group_lobby_deckers_wave 001", true)
                                            group_destroy("group_kneecappers", true)
                    group_create("group_deckers_base", true)
                        --group_create("group_homies 002", true)
                        group_create("group_lobby_deckers_wave 003", true)
                        group_create("group_lobby_deckers_wave 002", true)
                        group_create("group_lobby_deckers_wave 001", true)
                                            group_create("group_kneecappers", true)
    I've already put for each mission numbers but forgot some the names

    m03 is 3rd mission you have go the armoury (shaundi will hurt you if commit a crime)
    m07 is reutrn to steelport (all homies as squad execpt zimos, zimos is now hunted and he will spawn near you and chase you by default when you commit a crime)
    m08 is Trojan whores (strippers will spawns right away at daytime when select this mission, removed music and no more kill regions, able to kill snipers and strippers in helicopters just a press of the button)
    m09 is the ho boat (3 zimos, 16 strippers, angry saints, bunch of morningstars)
    m15 is learning computer (spawning Deckers, bring 2 pierces, angry saints)
    m17 is my name is cyrus temple (kia doesn't fuck around u commit a crime, espically kill at least one ped, more failure for stealth is removed, homies will truly turns against went you release the prisoners, YEAH!)
    m12 nyte blade returns (Viola will kill if kill any cops)
    m22 is three way (some of your homies will lock target on Kia like Oleg for example, better this start without mission start checkpoint)
    m24 gangstas in space (3 homies will turn against want kill cops or luchadores but automatically kill on start)

    I add new slot for commands for each missions as example.
    I just figure it out on my own btw. Just insert any codes or something.

    Code (Text):
    if mission_is_active("m22") then --three way insert any npc in strings taken from debug modes
                if player_action_is_pressed("CBA_GAC_WEAPON_SELECT_1") and player_action_is_pressed("CBA_OFC_TAUNT_TWO")  then
        teleport_to_object("Kinzie", LOCAL_PLAYER, false, nil, 0.0, 7.0)

                elseif player_action_is_pressed("CBA_GAC_WEAPON_SELECT_2") and player_action_is_pressed("CBA_OFC_TAUNT_TWO")  then
    if KINZIE_HATES == 0 then
        set_always_sees_player_flag("Kinzie", false )
    sandbox_message("kinzie thinks your lost")
    elseif KINZIE_HATES == 1 then
    set_always_sees_player_flag("Kinzie", true )

    sandbox_message("kinzie will find you")
    elseif KINZIE_HATES == 2 then
        set_always_sees_player_flag("Kinzie", false )
    set_attack_player_flag("Kinzie", false)

    sandbox_message("she don't have to attack you")
    if KINZIE_HATES == 2 then
                elseif player_action_is_pressed("CBA_GAC_WEAPON_SELECT_3") and player_action_is_pressed("CBA_OFC_TAUNT_TWO")  then

                elseif player_action_is_pressed("CBA_GAC_WEAPON_SELECT_4") and player_action_is_pressed("CBA_OFC_TAUNT_TWO")  then

                elseif player_action_is_pressed("CBA_GAC_WEAPON_SELECT_5") and player_action_is_pressed("CBA_OFC_TAUNT_TWO")  then

                elseif player_action_is_pressed("CBA_GAC_WEAPON_SELECT_6") and player_action_is_pressed("CBA_OFC_TAUNT_TWO")  then

                elseif player_action_is_pressed("CBA_GAC_WEAPON_SELECT_7") and player_action_is_pressed("CBA_OFC_TAUNT_TWO")  then

                elseif player_action_is_pressed("CBA_GAC_WEAPON_SELECT_8") and player_action_is_pressed("CBA_OFC_TAUNT_TWO")  then

    sh01 is I don't remember the name of the mission but taking place at the large gun store were kill morningstars and hack the computer

    Once that basically auto start when selected:
    first 3 MISSION autostart by new game. mission replay same thing really.
    murderbrawl xxx and gangsta in space are also mission autostart, ill be forced to where mission outfit unless have mission replay mod no outfit changes, only way is to do is to teleport random locations or change outfits.


    Everything is extreme packed into this Sr3_city.lua if there's a way to link to any name.lua

    Just open notepad or notpad++ look for the new commands, their at the bottom.

    I'll be come back and add hotkeys here.

    Well right now I'll will show you in-game new "quick hotkeys"

    F + RIGHT (2 types)
    6 + PGDOWN

    For sr4 well it doesn't treat like sr3, and the game thinks that your not in the MISSION while freeroaming. I try to attempt that but nothing happens until I start the mission with lack of audio loss for messing around with your homies, massive group like sr3 will make the mute almost muted and may crash or do game breaking and softlock whenever HUD fails. but I try to find some MISSION to really trick the game at some point. mostly it's all about aliens in most missions but can snatch some saint soldiers or non-aliens. GOOH , samething for demons, some homies no saints soldiers. it will be funny to use AI GAT AND KINZIE and I play as BOSS in the background watching them killing enemies.

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  2. SRIV version

    m18 - the girl who hates 50s / locate keith david (Press 6 + ] bring keith and roddy, 1 + END to make them be on your team)

    Nyte Fall
    The Girl who beat Cyrus

    press G + UP = to activate some will automatcially spawn Loren will kill matt miller
    press 4+DELETE or E+INSERT to break the mission, shut down the missions remove annoying music and sound effects
    I'll add some more groups for SRIV in the future that don't lack of audio loss.

    3+] = quicky hotkeys

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