1. Admixon

    WORKSHOP E-Girl Blush

    Description The mod replaces Kitty Kisses face paint. There are will be two versions of the mod: basic and custom. First one is just basic pink color but the second one allows you to change colors and opacity. Screenshots Installation Make sure you're game isn't running! Basic version 1...
  2. Aquanort

    Donnie In SR4

    It would be cool if someone replaced Matt Miller's model with Donnie's.
  3. MegaFreeman

    Male Retextured - Body Hair

    This mod re-textures the default body for the male Boss so it contains body hair on it. Mod comes with three different variants of the body hair for you to choose from: CHEST, CHEST & TRAIL, FULL TORSO/FRONT, FUZZ AND FULL BODY FUZZ. Steam Workshop Links CHEST CHEST + TRAIL FULL TORSO FUZZ...
  4. Singa

    Saints Row: The Third - Maero's Minigun

    After making Maero's Minigun for SR2 and SRIV, it's time SRTT got the same treatment. Not as lore friendly as the other mods, since you'll see enemy brutes carry the minigun, but it is still nice to have if you use a mod that adds it to your weapons cache permanently. Screenshots...
  5. Singa

    Money Gun

    This mod changes the Mac10/SKR-7 Spree from GotR into a money gun, inspired by the Diamond Sting from GooH. The weapon is still available at Friendly Fire like in base GotR. Screenshots: Installing: To install my mod, open up the "Get your weapons.xtbl here" folder. Inside you will find...
  6. Uncle Sludge

    Masako SWAT replaces normal SWAT v.1

    Introduction: Hey, its Old Uncle Sludge. And I'm here to introduce you to my very first and most likely last mod for Saints Row 3! This mod replaces the regular SWAT guy in vanilla with a retextured version of the Masako goon from SR4, giving SWAT a 90s tacticool look. How to install: Drag...
  7. Singa

    Ski Mask Replacers

    This mod changes the ski mask from GotR to only cover the player's mouth instead of the whole head. Included are two material styles, the default wool look the mask originally has and a smooth look, both of which offer five different designs you can choose from. Screenshots are included so you...
  8. Singa

    New Facepaints

    This mod replaces the mime facepaints at Image as Designed with 6 different designs from which you can freely choose which one you want to use. Every design is still colorable with a primary and secondary color option. The designs are numbered from 1 to 6, which are the designs they'll change...
  9. Aquanort

    [MOD REQUEST] Ronin As Gangmembers

  10. Aquanort

    [Requested] Fun Shaundi Over SR3 Shaundi

  11. Singa

    Scars and Injuries as Face Tattoos

    This mod replaces the tribal tattoos that are made available through GotR with different scars and other injuries. There is a total of 30 retextures you can pick from. You can choose up to 5 different designs at once. Keep in mind that this means these designs will show up on Brotherhood...
  12. Singa

    New Face Tattoos and Markings

    This mod replaces the tribal tattoos and Freckle Bitch's freckles that are made available through GotR with different tattoo designs. There is a total of 30 retextures you can pick from. You can choose up to 5 different designs at once. Keep in mind that this means these designs will show up on...
  13. Singa

    Crazed Saints Fans (Zombie Replacer)

    "The celebrity obsessed, media drugged masses." - Oleg Kirrlov They come in hordes, masses of angry sweaty fans just waiting for you to slip up. Nothing you do will be good enough, they will always find one thing to complain about. "Go back to the roots" you hear from some, others groan "Can I...
  14. Skolia

    Custom Radio Stations in SRIV

    I replaced a radio station in Saints Row the Third with my own selection of songs using the guide in the SRTT forum and was ultimately successful (although I had to download an alternate soundboot pack file since the one...