1. Singa

    Diarrhea Gun Sounds (April Fools 2022)

    This mod changes the audio of most weapons to vomit and poop sounds. Installation: To install it simply move the weapons.xtbl from this mod into "Gentlemen Of The Row" > "optional_mod_stuff" > "1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE" and build a patch like you usually do. To uninstall...
  2. JebBushOfficial


    Exactly as the title says. EVERY PISTOL EVERY SMG EVERY SHOTGUN EVERY RIFLE AND MORE! For a complete list, check right under this, you dork. In addition to the base game's pistol and SMG dual-wield, and GOTR's Twelve Gauge, I've added the following. STUN GUN LAZARUS TOMBSTONE THE ORBITAL...

    Realistic SRIV Weapons Ported for SRTT

    ported by MLVNRT strings modified by MLVNRT weapon models from SRIV names from Saints Row Wiki !!!This is a replacement mod, it replaces original game items!!! Description: Realistic SRIV Weapons Ported for SRTT. These include: -Magnum Research Desert Eagle -Colt Defender...

    Henry08's SRIV Weapon Mods Ported for SRTT

    original mod by Henry08 (pistols)(rifles) fixes by Henry08 ported by MLVNRT strings modified by MLVNRT research by MLVNRT (Beretta 92FS) !!!This is a replacement mod, it replaces original game items!!! Description: A select few of Henry08's weapon mods for SRIV ported over for SRTT. These...
  5. Lukong1515

    WORKSHOP Saints Row 43rd GunVary [0.3]

    The concept of the Mod is if Saints Row 3's Gun Upgrade Models where Saints Row 4's Gun Costumes/Styles = Make Multi-Combo Variant Models of each Costume as a Class 2. Make or Use Different Parts Combinations from other weapons on each Costume/Style 3. Wishlist: Change UI Workflow & Add...
  6. William Knights

    My Gun is firing by itself....

    How do I stop this? I think its one of the mods causing the problem.
  7. Quizirum

    How i can add custom music to the Dubstep Gun?

    I'd like to create a mod with custom music to Dubstep Gun, someone can teach me how to do that please?
  8. Captain Jax

    Realistic SR2 Weapons

    This is my second mod. It's the same thing, just for Saints Row 2. It does what the title says it does. Self-explanatory again. Version 3.2.1 is done. Credits to Captain Jax for starting this mod. THIS MOD WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE IF IT HADN'T BEEN FOR THE GOTR MOD. Change Log V3.2.1...

    Gun handle changer

    Can you make the character handle his Krukov like Rambo (like the shotgun)? It would be very cool.
  10. Captain Jax

    Realistic Gun Mod for SR3

    My first mod! It does just what the title says it does. It tweaks several weapons to be more like their real life counter-parts. Changes Made: AR-55: Realistic bullet count in magazine, even when fully upgraded Always has 3 round burst M2 Grenade Launcher: Realistic grenade count Grenade...