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This is my second mod. It's the same thing, just for Saints Row 2. It does what the title says it does. Self-explanatory again.

Version 3.2.1 is done. Credits to Captain Jax for starting this mod. THIS MOD WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE IF IT HADN'T BEEN FOR THE GOTR MOD.
Change Log

  • Fixed aiming bug for AR-40 XTND, AR-50 w/Grenade Launcher, AR-50 Fireworks, and AR-200 SAW. Originally in 3.2, bullets would travel past a certain angle aiming upwards.
  • Fixed idle animations for automatic shotguns and rifles especially in weapons cache.
  • AR-50 Fireworks reverted back to vanilla AR-50 XMAC.
  • AR-50 grenades muzzle velocity increased to realistic 76 meters per second.
  • AS12 Riot refire delay increased slightly to 275 milliseconds (same amount as vanilla AS14 Hammer).
  • Tombstone and Orbital Launcher models swapped. Tombstone model is now using more realistic SR1 model.
  • Orbital Launcher renamed to CKH Riot Special and functions more like cut bean bag gun.
  • Samurai Sword prone attack and finishers (except kick) are always
  • Baseball Bat, Crowbar, Machete, Nightstick, and Pirate Hook now use block flinch animations.
  • Reduced combat ready time to 20000 milliseconds (Weapon is lowered after 20 seconds).

  • You can now kick people in the crotch with all guns except the Chainsaw Launcher like Saints Row: The Third as long as you are close enough and synced with the target.

  • You cannot wield the following weapons while using a human shield: AR200 SAW, McManus 2010 Sniper Rifle, Minigun, Flamethrower, Chainsaw Launcher, Fire Extinguisher, Nukamingo 9001, and Portable Septic Gun, nor can you execute hostages with them for obvious reasons. If you tried grabbing a hostage, you will automatically switch to an eligible weapon.
  • Only assault rifles and machine guns fire tracers. Every 5th round is a tracer.
  • All guns with the exception of the Fire Extinguisher, Portable Septic Gun, and Orbital Launcher do not have ragdoll force. People don't go flying backwards when they are hit in real life.
  • Vehicles are now more resilient against bullets and melee weapons.
  • Combat ready (weapon drawn) time for all guns extended to one minute.
  • Maximum range for all weapons adjusted for realism.
  • Realistic Rate of Fire for all firearms.
  • Realistic weight for all projectile and thrown weapons.
  • Most weapons aside from GOTR weapons can now be bought at Friendly Fire and Brass Knuckles at the start as long as you have the money. Weapons and ammo at Friendly Fire and Brass Knuckles have realistic prices now based on MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price).
  • All pistols (with the exception of the .44 Shepherd revolver) and the SKR-9 Threat SMG now have their magazine capacity increased by 1 to represent a round in the chamber since The Boss likes to constantly auto reload when idle.
  • Maximum reserve ammo for pistols increased to 336 which is the Least Common Multiple of all pistol magazine sizes.
  • Max reserve ammo for shotguns increased to 120; LCM of all shotgun magazine sizes.
  • SMG Ammo max reserve capacity now at 480; LCM of all the magazine sizes.
  • Rifle Ammo max reserve capacity reduced to 600 rounds.
  • Sniper Rifle Ammo max ammo reduced to 50 rounds.
  • Max amount of grenades carried reduced to 10
  • Max ammo for RPG reduced to 4 warheads.
  • Removed muzzle flash and tracer effect from Silenced VICE 9.
  • Fixed firing sounds of VICE 9 and .44 Shepherd. Both weapons had each other's firing sounds.
  • All shotguns with the exception of the Pimp Cane and Sawed-Off Shotgun now fire 9 pellets per shot instead of 4, and damage has been nerfed so that they still do the same amount of max damage if all the pellets hit the target.
  • Pimp Cane and Sawed-Off Shotgun fire 12 pellets per shot.
  • All shotguns with the exception of the Sawed-off Shotgun, AS14 Hammer, and Pimp Cane are fired from the shoulder when using fine aim.
  • All rifles and most shotguns use police animations so they are fired from the shoulder when not using fine aim.
  • Sawed-Off Shotgun reclassified as pistol instead of SMG so that it benefits from unlocking unlimited pistol ammo instead of unlimited SMG ammo.
  • Improved animations for Sawed-Off Shotgun.
  • The AS12 Riot Shotgun from GOTR/SR1 now fires in semi-automatic, but using fine aim will switch to pump-action mode just like the real SPAS-12.
  • XS-2 Ultimax now shoots slugs in semi-auto, and has laser sight added.
  • The Orbital Launcher from GOTR has a magazine capacity of 8 and needs to be reloaded.
  • AR-50 Fireworks target lock removed. Projectile model changed to 40mm grenade.
  • The stun gun is dual wieldable and correctly fires two probes and is equipped with a laser sight. It no longer has unlimited ammo and you must either pickup another one from police and Ultor security, or visit Friendly Fire. You can carry up to 4 cartridges.
  • Stun Gun and Lazarus reclassified as pistol in inventory.
  • AR200 SAW reclassified as special weapon in store and inventory.
  • Flamethrower and Molotov have longer burn times.
  • Fire Extinguisher and Portable Septic Gun can fire a limited amount of spray before it runs out. Wait a few seconds for pressure to build up again. It works like a cooldown.
  • Fire Extinguisher has unlimited ammo since it's based on CO2 fire extinguishers in real life and no longer needs to be refilled at fire hydrants.
  • Machete has proper animations and longer range.
  • RPG Launcher reverted to vanilla RPG-7 model. Nukamingo-9001 has SR1 Laser RPG model.
  • Chainsaw Launcher has laser sight like Annihilator RPG and makes chainsaw noises with melee attacks.
  • AR-50 Launcher has laser sight just like real life XM8 and AR-50 Fireworks from GOTR.
  • Minigun damage increased back to 200 and magazine capacity decreased back to 200. Rate of Fire is now 1,250 RPM like the handheld minigun from T2: Judgement Day.
  • Handheld Septic Gun force reduced force so that cars aren't pushed away so easily.
  • Firing sound of the Bulldog and Grizzly's mounted machine gun changed from the AR-50 firing sound to the same sound as the WWII-era Wolverine plane's .50 caliber machine guns.
  • Tornado's chin-mounted M197 turret now has 110 degrees of motion in azimuth, 21 degrees of elevation, and 50 degrees of depression.
  • Tornado's Hydra 70 rockets can no longer lock on to targets but fly faster. Refire delay decreased by 10x.
  • Removed missile launcher from Bulldog and Grizzly APC.
  • Removed rockets from WWII-era Wolverine Fighter.
  • Restored dual Maxim machine guns to Parrot, High Rise, and Corsette airplanes.
  • Tweaked notoriety spawn weapons and vehicles.
  • Restored waterspray gun to O-Ring.
V2.5 (Bug Fix Patch):
  • Fixed fire-rate glitch on several weapons
  • Tweaked Pimp Cane Shotgun (Even more of a hand-cannon now)
  • Small tweaks to Sniper (range, aim spread, etc.)
  • Tweaked damage of AR-50, both variants of the VICE 9, and the Shotgun Cane.
  • Tweaked Shotgun Cane's range.
  • Re-fire delay lowered on all pistols except Kobra
  • Realistic bullet count in gun magazines.
  • All pistols received a range buff.
  • VICE 9 and Silenced VICE 9 received slight damage and accuracy buffs.
  • AR-50 received slight damage, range, and accuracy buffs.
  • AR-50's Grenade Launcher received less of a banana arch. It is now similar to SRTT underbarrel 'nade launcher arch.
  • Shotgun Cane only has one round but makes up for it in range and damage (for a shotgun).

  • Mounted 50. cal shows up in weapons cache. This is a benign bug. Selecting it will not replace the assault rifle you are carrying.
  • When accessing the weapons cache, selecting thrown weapons will crash the game. This does not happen when purchasing thrown weapons at Friendly Fire. We are still working on it.

Installation Instructions
Gentlemen of The Row V1.9.2 Required
It is recommended that you start a new game.

  1. Copy preload.tbl to Gentlemen_of_the_Row_Saints_Row_2_Super_Mod_v1.9.2\optional_mod_stuff.
  2. Copy the rest of the files to Gentlemen_of_the_Row_Saints_Row_2_Super_Mod_v1.9.2\optional_mod_stuff\1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE
  3. Run Create_Custom_GotR_v1.9.2
  4. Copy all files from MY_CUSTOM_PATCH folder to Saints Row 2 root folder.

Video of it "in Action:"


This mod IS compatible with the GotR mod. I know this because I used the modified files it provided. (Thx btw).

Old mod will be available for download but will be renamed to "Captain Jax's Weapon Tweaks."

My Sr3 mod: https://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum/threads/realistic-gun-mod-for-sr3.9892/

PLEASE HELP ME!!!: https://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum/threads/saints-row-2-evolve-crash.14326/


  • Captain Jax's Weapon Tweaks.zip
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  • Realistic SR2 Weapons V3.2.1.zip
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I feel like I'm sort of necro'ing the thread, but—if I just wanted to revert the AR-50 Fireworks back to vanilla AR-50 XMAC, which files should I use? That's one of the few things I never liked about GotR.
I feel like I'm sort of necro'ing the thread, but—if I just wanted to revert the AR-50 Fireworks back to vanilla AR-50 XMAC, which files should I use? That's one of the few things I never liked about GotR.

I managed to return to normal... Without issues now. At first was crashing, but I managed to fix.
I edited the shit outta
preload.tbl / weapons.xtbl / items_inventory.xtbl / bitmapsheets.xtbl

And it worked fine.


  • weapons.xtbl
    350 KB · Views: 210
  • items_inventory.xtbl
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  • items_3d.xtbl
    119.8 KB · Views: 205
OK, did a quick test and it sorta worked, had to add its .smesh to preload.tbl though, otherwise it'd be invisible. However, at Friendly Fire its icon is a GAL43 and in the UI it shows up as the default "punch" icon. Can't remember how to modify those.
OK, did a quick test and it sorta worked, had to add its .smesh to preload.tbl though, otherwise it'd be invisible. However, at Friendly Fire its icon is a GAL43 and in the UI it shows up as the default "punch" icon. Can't remember how to modify those.

Put the files i sent you + this ones in the "1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE" folder and you're good to go.
The icon is linked to these files (below) + You must add "p_ar50.smesh" the "preload.tbl" that goes on the "optional_mod_stuff" folder to work properly. Then build the patch.


  • bitmap_sheetsru.xtbl
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  • bitmap_sheetsde.xtbl
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  • bitmap_sheetsen.xtbl
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  • bitmap_sheetsdk.xtbl
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  • bitmap_sheetses.xtbl
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  • bitmap_sheetsfr.xtbl
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  • bitmap_sheetsit.xtbl
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  • bitmap_sheetsnl.xtbl
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  • bitmap_sheetspl.xtbl
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