Henry08's SRIV Weapon Mods Ported for SRTT

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  1. original mod by Henry08 (pistols)(rifles)
    fixes by Henry08
    ported by MLVNRT
    strings modified by MLVNRT
    research by MLVNRT (Beretta 92FS)
    4.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg
    !!!This is a replacement mod, it replaces original game items!!!
    A select few of Henry08's weapon mods for SRIV ported over for SRTT. These include:
    -Beretta 92FS (replacing the 45 Shepherd with new description)
    -SIG P226 (replacing the KA-1 Kobra with description not yet available)
    -AK-74 (replacing the K-8 Krukov with description not yet available)
    -SIG 556 (replacing the AR-55 with description not yet available)

    Minor additional tweaks had been made to some of the weapons to resemble real life counter parts. To remove this, delete weapons.xtbl.

    Open to Help/Suggestions (contributors will be credited):
    -Description for the SIG P226 (detailed but no longer than the description of the Beretta 92FS)
    -Description for the AK-74 (detailed but no longer than the description of the Beretta 92FS)
    -Description for the SIG 556 (detailed but no longer than the description of the Beretta 92FS)
    -Weapon tweak for the Beretta 92FS
    -Weapon tweak for the SIG P226
    -Weapon tweak for the AK-74
    -Weapon tweak for the SIG 556


    "92 FS." Beretta. April 11, 2018.

    Dylan, Scott. "Beretta 92FS Review: America's A-List 9mm." Pew Pew Tactical. May 4, 2017.

    Step 1- Extract archive

    Step 2- Move all files (except Readme) into main game libary...
    ...C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row the Third

    Step 3- Launch Saints Row the Third game

    Step 4- Check your crib weapons or friendly fire, specifically pistols and rifles. Gangs and enforcers should be wielding them too.
    Known Issues:
    -Textures of non-player weapons often do not load

    Changes and Updates:
    [V2] 2018-04-16
    - Rife sprinting fixed, rifle will no longer clip into player's body when sprinting (Henry08)
    - SIG 556 flashlight is now at the right place (Henry08)
    - AK-47 renamed to AK-74. This is yet to be confirmed (MLVNRT)
    [V3] 2018-04-29
    - Removed unnecessary files
    - Animation for rifle mechanism fixed, rifles will now have shell ejecting animation when firing (Henry08)
    - Laser sights for SIG P226 removed when upgraded to fourth level.

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  2. Notes:
    It actually seems like I have mistaken the 1974 model as the 1947 model for the AK. This will be fixed soon.
  3. That's freaking awesome!!!
    Everything is is so cool
    Well done man!!
    ( except I don't like that laser in the first gun... All the weapons are cool... Just remove that first gun's laser and it would be more awesome :( )
  4. 20180416014855_1.jpg
    Where are you downloaded mod files? I fixed wrong position assault rifles on the back in workshop version. I thought that I updated archive on forum too. Also lighter has wrong position
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
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  5. Ported samurai edge barry burton
  6. I'll make it an priority for the next update, sorry for the late reply.
  7. Can you remove lasers and flashlights please ?
  8. That gun is in fact a 74
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  9. I searched for hours on the internet to confirm it was the 1974 model just to later find out Henry08, the who made the original mod, had it as the 74 already. Sources say that this rifle was only made semi-automatic, but the original mod had it fully automatic so I kept it as is. This mod can really use some gun expertise. I was really hoping someone with experience or interest in guns would pitch in.
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  10. Oh, I didn't even meant it that way, it is obviously, visually, an AK74. But that is because I'm a gun nerd................
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