Gun handle changer

I understand what you mean, back when I played GTA SA on my Dell D800 -7 years ago, and that Laptop is 10 years old as of today- I too wanted to make a Mod were I can change the Rotation of how the Gun is held or Position of where its Held or How many Wielded (Dual Wield or Single).
I liked Dual Wield, but other people -a lot- hated it and wanted Single Wield and after
- Seeing SR3 on PS3 (2 Years Ago, First Time, but I saw SR series back when EP Daily was on CityTV)
- Finally getting -Kijiji, D800 was gift- a proper Laptop to play it -Vostro 3446 in 2015, has 2GB Nvidia GT820M
- Being able to get it on PC/Steam (First Time)
- Seeing other games content I think Quad/Penta wield is doable (Bayonetta: Hands and Feet & Iron Man mods on GTA 4 & SA (Chest, Hands & Shoulders)
- Most of my Ideas are Cut & Paste (I've been told in past that isn't how it works) and to use the content that is already there (Like in GTA SA a Spray can that Emits Fire or Water), but I realize when I mentioned Bayonetta if you can Combine the Hand to Hand Combat with Attack Distance (Piercing unlike games which say Archers can't attack up close) and activate with a Weapon Equipt = Bayonetta cause I'm pretty sure her weapons are apart -modular form/color for upgrades- of the clothing with emitters/damage stats etc (Back when I attempted to Mod Halo 1 PC)

Today that idea is a section of a part of a bigger Mod Idea -I keep to myself for this game- called Weapons Buddy 1.0 (I don't want to upset any Modders, it already breaks the rules for mod request or at least tool wise, some things are already in game/as a mod (I'm done Snatch, played a little of Horde Mode and saw the Decker Blade...I wanted to add it now that I see it, therefore its unlock-able?) and I talk/share ideas way too much...most if it foolishness). As well if the Position can be changed example putting weapons on Shoulders like on RPG, but like a Shoulder Weapons similar to Front Mission or Armoured Core then you can make Iron Man/Predator (My Version was called Bronzena cause Iron Maiden = is getting old, Iron Man = too many mods so I wanted something new, Tin Man = needed a new Female character, Steel or Copper etc doesn't roll off the tongue, and I realize that rhymes with John Cena, but the name came from Bronze (Statue of Liberty, and another well known Metal) with Xena or Godzilla aka Bronzilla to Bronzena...pronounced either way or could be 2 people)

So here is the Section known as Holding Style, and sorry, but let me expand on what your Request.
Note: I can roll with Saint's Row Naming of things what your referring to is "Shoot from the Hip" (I remember that from How Predator Should Have Ended)

The Original Idea Holding Style for SR3 (Not original apart of the idea written on my phone)
(I'm on PC/Laptop with Non-FN/Numpad Keyboard, so I don't know how Console Controllers are Config, but I notice while playing some buttons exceptionally with using Melee are free to be key bind; Zoom, Gun Melee & Shoot do the same thing while others like Zoom In & Out on certain weapons aren't available for that weapon, but can be overlapped...cause I had serious problems with GTA SA mods where people mod sick you with a Keybind and it ruin my own config...I no longer use WASD, I use ESDF w/A and IJKL w/Semicolon and when I use PS2 emu ZXCV is perfectly for Square, Cross, Circle and Triangle & IJKL as my Left Joystick...I'm Right handed)

- Zoom for Single Wield (Use Zoom, but Camera Distance Stays the Same & Zoom in For Aim mode cause the Only weapons with Scopes zoom in more) (A shortcut to change Dual Wield, in another Mod I call Cellphone Doctor 1.0, Upgrades are Toggle-able...I'm pretty sure that already exist, but trust I never much read anything on this site until today...look for tools)

- Wild West = Shoot from Hip, (as well the The Hit the Hammer of the Gun like in Western Movies if Gun is Single Wield, they already have the Reloading style of a Lever-action Shotgun similar to Terminator)

- Saints (Call Gangsta) = Dual wield with both Sideways (Original has it where the Butt of the Gun/Clip is facing the Ground, this has Butt of Gun/Clip facing sideways out so the guns are rotated inward on a 90 degree angle)

- Double Zero = Single wield with Toggle Dual wield -Opposite of first one- and as Well is a Sub Option (Meaning Zoom for Dual Wield, but about the Camera distance stays the same) or Scrap -I realize now- just "Zoom for Single Wield" & "Double Zero" idea and just have it so Zoom is Single Wield with Original Camera Distance, use Zoom Out for Single Aim Mode (Use same button to either exit to Single Wield or Original/Dual Wield) and Zoom In for Dual Aim Mode (Use Same button to either exit to Dual Wield or Single Wield) and package that into Dual Wield upgrades

- Choose Default Style (No Point with new "Double Zero"), Choose Angle (If so then no need for "Saints"), Toggle Symmetrical (Similar to Customizing Tires/Axles; Both hands, Left hand or Right Hands/Wrist or anything with 2 identical sides should be...)

- From there you choose which weapon type (specific for Special or Melee) you want the holding style with (Not all have to be one Style) so I can Wildwest my Handgun, Dual Wield my SMGs & Shotguns and Hold my Rifle Sideways like the dudes in Behind Enemy lines
== Method: Shop/Crib > Weapon > Style Options (Original was Style > Weapon > Options)

- If possible how weapons look on you like if I've got another weapon equipped, Handguns then they are on my Belt, waist/front/back, legs or chest and Rifles/Shotguns is on my Back, if I have a Long Weapon I walk around with it like I'm Military (Diagonal with Barrel facing down).
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