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  1. Just used the Weapon Archive from Flow's Thread. I have to thank Admixon, Flow, Minimaul, IdolNinja, Missing Link, Donkonk, a lot of people, Volition & Deep Silver for their contribution in Modding and the helpful tools, info and patience they took to help.
    The concept of the Mod is if Saints Row 3's Gun Upgrade Models where Saints Row 4's Gun Costumes/Styles = Make Multi-Combo Variant Models of each Costume as a Class
    1. Clone all Costumes to Classes and Override original Classes with Themed Edition

    Original System
    - Class = Pistol Slot: Quick Pistol, Heavy Pistol, Alien Pistol
    - Costume = Quick Pistol: 9MM Police, Renegade & Red Shirt Special
    Variant System

    - Class = Pistol Slot: Pistol-Quic 9MM, Pistol-Quic Renegade, Pistol-Quic Red Shirt, Pistol-Heav Fletcher, Pistol-Heav Rail, Pistol-Heav Cumia, Pistol-Alien Hand, etc​

    2. Make or Use Different Parts Combinations from other weapons on each Costume/Style
    SubCostumes of Pistol-Quic Officer (9mm Police)
    NOTE: Some Variants have different Combos
    - 1= Hushed, 2= Laser Pointer, 3= Hushed & Laser Pointer, 4= Long Clip +1, 5= 4+2, 6 = 4+3, 7= Tilted SWAT SMG Scope, 8=1+7, etc
    SubCostumes of Pistol-Heav Rail (DEK RD Railpistol)

    NOTE: Some Variants follow a Theme and Themes in Themes
    - REK T: Based on Blood Stain w/Dripping Blood, Mace Bayonet, Large/Extended Barrel
    - KEK: Mini Version Bayonet under a Mini-er Version Bayonet
    - GENK I: Genki Cat (Pink, White, Green, Keychain Head, Larger Green Pills, Scope with Glowing Cateye Lens, Stunt Suit Grip); Panda (Black & White, Keychain Head, "UNETHICAL" on Sides); Angry Tiger (Orange/White with Black Stripes, 2 Diagonal Barrels with Bottom Hushed) etc​

    3. Wishlist: Change UI Workflow & Add Skinned Variant
    - Use Left/Right Arrow Key to Change Skin (Imagine if each Variant had a 3 Skins!!!)
    - Put SubCostumes under the Upgrades instead of burying it (Similar to Vehicle Upgrades: Reinforce Tires, Reinforce Body, Kneecapper, Nitro, etc)
    - Use the Description to keep originally of Names and insert Jokes= If possible move the Styles to be listed under the Non-Form "Upgrades" that effect stats​

    4. Replace Original Costumes/Styles (Non-Cloned) with Themed Edition
    NOTE: Cause Cloning leaves the Original behind so replace them with Theme
    - OutWorlder: Alien Versions of Each Class like Rocket Raccoon & Rectangle Barrels
    - Enforcer: STAG/Army/Swat/Police of each Class
    - Gangster: Gang Variants of each gun based on SR3 & SR2 gangs (But I've deviated to avoid any problems such as Political Correctness)
    Actual S&W 686 Competitor.jpg Preview - Hybrid 686 CompetitorA.png Preview - Hybrid 686 CompetitorB.png 2 Version of a 686 Competitor a Upright and Flipside by Replacing a Cumia's Front with the Front of a Fletcher
    Preview - MP5K A4 from a SMG Heavy Large.png My sad attempt at MP5K A4
    Preview - Pistol Officer Specialist4.png An 9MM "Officer" with a Round Hush from Magna 10MM, Specialist Magazine & Tilt Scope from SpecOps
    Preview - Rifle Assault Drum.png An Assault Rifle with a Thick Drum Magazine from Gangland SMG
    Preview - Rocket Launcher J7-2.png Preview - Rocket Launcher J7-4.png J7-2 & J7-4 Rocket Launcher (I probably can dupe the fire so it can shoot multiple rockets)
    Preview - Rocket Launcher J7-8.png Preview - Rocket Launcher J7-16.png J7-8 & J7-16 Rocket Launcher, with the J7-16 having a Alien DroneTop attached to it also these Barrels are smaller
    Preview - Shotgun Auto Sawed.png A Shorten Auto Shotgun using Boolean's Difference
    Preview - SMG Gang Wire Sights.png The Magna with no Hush and Wire Sights
    Preview - Railpistol KEK.png Others are REK-T (Blood Drip) & GENK-I (Genki Cat, Panda, etc Versions) this one is called KEK based off DEK-RD which I thought it was DEKT so I made concept's of REKT, GENKT & KEKT...I was trying to think of a joke for this gun and Xhibit came to mind..."OH SNAP, we heard you like Railpistols so we put a Gun on your Gun so you can shoot while you shoot" in the description
    Preview - SMG Gangland Hollow Drum.png Gangland with Hollow Barrel (Inspired by this Artist, but I can't find his other guns on Deviant Art a61f6569698cb5f29866779cf79ecf88--zombie-weapons-zombie-guns.jpg and yes I will be putting an Axe on our Flintlock cause This Artist designs guns that should be in Final Fantasy)
    Artist Info,
    Preview - Sword Chef Cleaver.png Preview - Sword Chef.png Preview - Sword Chopper.png Preview - Sword Cleaver.png Preview - Sword HollowBoard.png Preview - Sword SawEdge.png Variants of Katana (Chef Cleaver, Razor, Chopper, Cleaver, HollowEdge, SawEdge) this is the best example of what GunVary is going to be for each weapon...some might be Uniquer than others while Others will share similar setups.
    1. I so badly want to move the Costumes Under Upgrades like how Vehicles have Kneecapper & Nitrous Under the Upgrades and allow a Left/Right slider for choosing Skin, but that would take a genius

    - Make matching Outfits for Theme Pack...most likely not going to happen

    - Replace Stores for each Theme Pack Outfits & Weapons...most likely not going to happen...also I wish I wrote everything out, I lost the Notes I kept so I don't remember what I was going to do, lucky this Thread was here
    Mods Progress (Newest at Top)
    - Aug 20, 2018 =
    + Properly Weight Paint, Insert Bones, Updated Tutorials
    = Saw/Buy/Equipt Costume in Shop, switch to Weapon, but Mesh is Tiny/Rotate​
    1. Gun is Scaled & Rotated incorrectly = May be due to not Reseting Scale & Rotation in Blender (Aug 8)
    Test.2 GunVary - Pistol-Q Officer Long.png > Test.2 GunVary - Pistol-Q Officer Long Equipt.jpg
    - Aug 17, 2017 =
    + Made Beta Tutorial & .BAT for Cloning Items easier
    + Discovered how to Convert Maya Files to Blender
    + Practice Packaging Edited Weapon w/Flow564's Help (Rename Object & Mesh = Same)
    = Saw/Buy/Equipt Weapon Class in Shop, No Icon, switch to Weapon, but its Invisible​
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