1. Admixon

    SR:GooH | Share your cool/funny screenshots

    For some reason such a thread never existed for gooh so here it is. I'll start with some pics of frozen hell.
  2. Singa

    Stilwater Fix

    "...and it's with one `L´, bitch." For 5 long years fans around the globe have been shaking their heads at this mistake, the pure irony of misspelling the city's name when a billboard in SR2 even pokes fun at it, disgraceful, WELL NO MORE! This mod fixes the text of the "Revenge" diversion...
  3. F

    Ported SRIV Outfits + Extra Clothing and Makeup Colors Mod

    This mod ports IdolNinja's and Firespite's extra clothing and extra makeup color for SRIV mod as well as most of the outfits from SRIV. You will need Minimaul's SRIV clothing mod, and Erza Scarlet's store menu mod for this to work. To install: Drop the 3 files in your Gat out of Hell roots...
  4. Singa

    GooH | More Gibs

    This mod makes it so that almost every gun and melee weapon will gib enemies upon killing them, to make your experience of hell a bit more brutal. Screenshots: Installation: To install it, simply move the weapons.xtbl into your GooH root folder: "steamapps" > "common" > "Saints Row Gat...
  5. Singa

    GooH | Better Defined Muscles

    This mod enables the muscle map on your character even if the muscle slider is at zero, this way you can have regular sized limbs and abs at the same time. To play as a custom character in Gat out of Hell, you will need Zopiahh's V6 - Cheats + Phone + Store menu in Gat out of Hell...
  6. Singa

    Money Gun

    This mod changes the Mac10/SKR-7 Spree from GotR into a money gun, inspired by the Diamond Sting from GooH. The weapon is still available at Friendly Fire like in base GotR. Screenshots: Installing: To install my mod, open up the "Get your weapons.xtbl here" folder. Inside you will find...
  7. Singa

    SR:GooH | Share Your Characters

    Since one of these exists for the other games but only in the adult corner for GooH, I figured I'd make a SFW one here. So go ahead and post pictures of your Boss or other custom character roaming the streets of New Hades! I'll start with my character Velvet who originally came from New Hades...
  8. Lupo Yutani

    Bloom? Skybox issue?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for mods or settings to reduce the bloom in this game? Or maybe change the Sky? because it is difficult getting pictures in this game with the way the lighting and contrast is. It's really annoying since I just found the R+Home in Idol's cheats for the game...
  9. MasakoTeam

    Cutscene interiors for Sandbox+

    This mod spawns all of the cutscene interiors on the map so that they can be finally visited, also it is modded on top of Fan Of Saints Sandbox+ so that the interiors can be viewed using the camera freeroam mode by pressing R + HOME. Since most of them are located beyond city limits. Even...
  10. TheGenKiZZZ

    Gat Out Of Hell Billboards Textures ?

    Please can someone share the textures of GOOH billboards cause I want to put some of them in SR4. I searched everywhere and I didn't find anything.
  11. Quantum

    Save file directories and names for SR3, SR4, and SRGOOH

    For those who want to know where games are saved, here are the locations and names for the save files in SR3, SR4, and SRGOOH: Save File Directories SR3: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<user_id>\55230\remote SR4: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<user_id>\206420\remote...
  12. aceman0000099

    Poll - Preferred Saints Row games?

    A simple poll to see how 'divided' people are over the series and which style of game they think is best. Essentially there are two options based on whether you prefer the first few games or the latest few games. Since I think Saints row the third could fit into both categories (because it is...
  13. ☪MidnightWinter❄

    Saints row GOOH and IV Ambient Music?

    So I've been wondering this for awhile as I really adore and like the ambient music in GOOH and IV, is there any possible way to listen to the music files outside of game? I've tried looking up on the Net but haven't been able to find any videos of the ambient music only. Thanks so much! Also...
  14. CoopRage

    Digital Angel Mod

    I've seen a lot of requests that ask for a flight mod but I don't want just any flight mod. What I want is far more complicated, I ant a Gat Out of Hell flight mod. One where you get your wings and fly like you would in GOoH. I've always liked the flight in GOoH from what I played with my buds...
  15. Magil of Shadow

    Gat out of Hell Character Customization Skin Issue

    I'm not sure if I've messed up my mod setup, or the like, but I'm having a skintone issue with recreating a custom character in GoOH, where I can't seem to adjust or alter the skintone from this solid black color, even after removing the Kinzie 'outfit'. Current mods are: Rastaman289 & Fan of...
  16. Admixon

    Removed Sky Limit - GOOH Version

    Hi. It's my first mod to GOOH which removes sky barrier so you will be able to fly very high :) You can download default version or default version with Flight Mod Installation is simple: Put tweak_table file to SteamApps\common\Saints Row Gat out of Hell I will release IV version soon...
  17. cobraviperofficer

    Blaze for sr4 and gooh

    Can someone import the blaze from sr3, or at least make a fire truck for iv and gooh? I am guessing somewhere it is either being done, or can be, so why not? Thanks for helping.