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    "...and it's with one `L,´ bitch."

    For 5 long years fans around the globe have been shaking their heads at this mistake, the pure irony of misspelling the city's name when a billboard in SR2 even pokes fun at it, disgraceful, WELL NO MORE!

    This mod fixes the text of the "Revenge" diversion unlock screen where Stilwater is misspelled as "Stillwater".
    The fix is available in English, Polish and Russian, the other languages got the name right.

    This may seem like an insignificant nitpick to make a mod to literally change one letter in an unlock screen you see for 5 seconds, but it is nontheless important.


    The virgin original version with the incorrect spelling:


    The chad modded version with the correct spelling:


    To install this mod, just move the corresponding .le_strings file to your Gat out of Hell root folder which should be located here: "steamapps" > "common" > "Saints Row Gat out of Hell".

    If you play the game in English, you only need to copy over "hud_us.le_strings".
    If you play the game in Polish, you will need to copy over "hud_pl.le_strings".
    And if you play the game in Russian, you need to copy over "hud_ru.le_strings".

    To uninstall this mod, simply remove the .le_strings file from your GooH root folder.

    Hope you enjoy this minor, yet important fix.


    Minimaul for the GooH tools used to extract and rebuild the string files.

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