1. -SeaboundSaint-

    preload.tbl explained

    I have decided to share this reply in the Guides and Tutorials section, as it may be helpful for other modders. Original thread: Female Prison Overhaul Also talked about here: Hotdog for sale The issue with the Big Swallow is caused by preload.tbl. preload.tbl works as a hierarchy of meshes...
  2. -SeaboundSaint-

    Cutscene Patch

    This mod aims to fix (as much as possible) all cutscene issues in Saint's Row 2. This includes Story cutscenes and Activity cutscenes. Some issues are exclusive to the PC port, while some others were shipped with the game on all platforms. The Changelog shown below is also included in the...
  3. -SeaboundSaint-

    "Family Ties" Samurai Swords Fix

    NOTICE: This mod is now part of CUTSCENE PATCH, which includes this, and many more Cutscene fixes! In Shot 5 of the "Family Ties" Ronin cutscene, the Samurai Swords disappear from the backs of Shogo, Jyunichi, and the Ronin Goon. This happens because during the porting process of Saints Row 2...
  4. -SeaboundSaint-

    GotR Homie Packs Fix

    Current Version: v1.1 (Original GotR "Misc Homie Pack" and "Villain Homie Pack" credit: IdolNinja.) This mod is a rebuild of the "Misc Homie Pack" and "Villain Homie Pack" mods included in Gentlemen Of The Row. It is designed to fix issues caused by those mods, such as the Assault On Precinct...
  5. -SeaboundSaint-

    General's Limo Cutscene Fixes

    NOTICE: This mod is now part of CUTSCENE PATCH, which includes this, and many more Cutscene fixes! This mod fixes the height of the General's Limo in the "Music Lovers" and "A Helluva Way To Break Up" Samedi cutscenes. SCREENSHOTS: INSTALLATION: (via Gentlemen Of The Row): 1. COPY both...
  6. j3lly_m3lly

    bugged clothing...

    "button-up, tie, vest" shirt has been ruined despite working perfectly fine before... whenever you try wearing any jacket over it, it starts glitching out- is there any solution?
  7. Singa

    Tutorial Reporting Bugs and Issues

    Since there are plenty of bugs in the game, some minor and some major, the best thing we can do as players is to let the devs know of the bugs we run into, to hopefully patch them. However, before opening a ticket to report a bug, try to make sure that the bug is not caused by a mod you're...
  8. dragonfly10

    Remove Clothing

    Hello, I wanna know what I should do to completely remove default clothing to make some room for new modded clothing (because I reached some kind of clothing limit that makes my stores glitch). Will it work if I just remove them from the customization_item.xtbl? I want to remove some clothing...
  9. pleasegofuk

    Fire suit glitch?

    I recall seeing this somewhere before, but as of now I can't find it. Basically, the glitch was that you could keep your fireproof ability even while using different clothing that's not the fire fighter outfit. Does anyone know how to do this glitch?
  10. L

    SOLVED Female animations wrecked my SR2

    I still have this problem from 2 months ago. I once turned on girly walk animations and then turned it off but it won't go away, even if I press X in the custom patch menu to remove all mods and even if I uninstall and reinstall Saints Row 2 from steam, my male character will still swing his...
  11. L

    GOTR some mods wont turn off

    I turned on female weapon animations and turned it off when I switched back to my male character but the animations are still the feminine besides the pistol walk which instead doesn't shoot at all, any fix without reinstalling?
  12. Admixon

    SPOILERS Patches and Updates

    Patch v1.03 - Sept 11, 2017 GENERAL MISSION FIXES Fixed enemy and vehicle spawning issues in missions (failed to spawn, spawning in unreachable areas, inside props, etc) Fixed issue with dungeon doors not opening when mission objective updates Fixed infinite load that could occur if player...
  13. Incognytuz

    Does Anyone knows how to trigger this glitch?

    This video had been sitting in my disk drive for 2-4 months yet i still don't know how this happened or activated and i didn't even had cheats on at the time. All suggestions or remarks are appreciated.
  14. P

    The game wont stop using using the 'up' key

    So I installed GoTR and I did the patch, modded and vanilla and every time I do it is stuck using the 'up' key. As if im moving the mouse or analog stick up all the time, and I cant stop it :/
  15. Combustible Lemon

    Saints Row 4 'The Real World' BUG HELPLS!!!!!!

    so i was playing SR4 and when i get to the ship all of a sudden everything freezes for a second, then im flying backwards through the 80's town, then i can see the big zin ship in the sky AND THEN im thrown through a wall of where the mission is, if i survive(like 50%) im flying really fast the...
  16. Lumpus

    Zero Cool mission bug - ship gets stuck

    Hello, I have a problem with Zero Cool mission that doesn't let me complete the game. During the last part of this mssion, when you're using turret to destroy chasing enemies, my ship gets stuck on a wall and there's nothing I can do about it since it's controlled by AI. I tried to lower...

    I'm seeing shadows through walls?

    Whenever I turn off dynamic lightning it goes away but then the game looks horrible. Anyone know why this is happening?