1. YoungStallion94

    Saints Row 2 Xenia Canary Install Issues: DLC Not Working

    Hello, I've been trying to get Saints Row 2 and it's DLC up and running through Flippy's vidoes and download links that he's provided in those vidoes telling you how to install them, and while I got the original Saints Row up and running along with its DLC and have it running nice and smooth, I...
  2. Saint_of_the_Barrio

    Help with DLC vehicles

    So, after finally getting the SR1 DLCs (through LEGAL means) I finally was able to try out the DLC cosmetics, however, the DLC vehicles, the Rumbler and the Leftturner are nowhere to be found and I can't spawn them in any way, can someone please help?
  3. Lord Ainz Ooal Gown

    Christmas DLC didn't work (in a year or more)

    So yeah, i can't play Christmas DLC in year or maybe more. I just going to play it and when i start it, after loading i getting stuck on the ship with powers and weapon. I think it's maybe about mod what gives you a replayble missions, but i can't find it ( i even redownload the game and clear...
  4. T

    Activities & Missions The Saint save Christmas DLC

    Hi Guys, I have been enjoying the Saints Row 4 game a lot. And been playing (after adjusting some files and hacking around a bit creatively to not ping for the saint rows servers that do not exist). But now I started to play the DLC. Enter the Dominatrix is a blast. But the Christmas one is...
  5. 3rdStreetSaint 212

    Saints Row IV Jupiter Mining Corporation Mod

    I know people will immediately mention the need of an SDK, that's why I posted this in Off Topic instead of Mod Suggestions I've been rewatching Red Dwarf, and thought about the similarities between Red Dwarf and SRIV. If textures and models could be created of the ships and characters, then I...
  6. Aegis Arrowny

    DLC Weapons disappear from crib after reload

    I'm using Fan of Saints Weapon Re-balance ReErected mod, and when I buy a DLC weapon /the lasers gun and the Saints Pow) and save the game, next time on reload the weapon is gone from my crib storage; gthe only way to avoid this is to save my ganme with the especific weapons selected in the...
  7. M

    weapon upgades for DLC weapons

    hello, everyone, I have the following question is there a way to create the weapon upgrades for DLC weapons (namely, lazer weapons from Gangstas in Space DLC)? first, I have tried to add new upgrades in "weapon_upgrades.xtbl" file, like this: <Weapon_Upgrade>...
  8. pleasegofuk

    What content did you have to make DLC content or cut completely because of time constraints?

    Title. Genuinely curious as I've seen this in many games before where developers would make certain areas or templates, but either due to tight time constraints or other problems that arise, they would end up never using them at all, or players would have to wait until x many months or even...
  9. Invader TAK

    Team Fortress 2 Pack Question

    Since the pack's in the GOG release, any chance it can finally be made available to everybody on Steam or is Valve still cockblocking it? I know I could just play the GOG version since I got it from GOG Connect, but there are plenty of mods that are exclusive to Steam Workshop. Plus non-Workshop...
  10. Gogeta007yBro

    Team Fortress 2 weapons skins

    Like my title says... and what the DLC was. For the Incinerator and the RPG. Just like in this image: If it can be, thanks for making it, and if it can't, thanks for reading this.
  11. D

    Exclusivity deadline?

    I was just wondering if Volition was planning on releasing their exclusive DLC from their pre-order deal (Gat, skins, other characters) any time soon. I was pretty bummed that I couldn't pre-order, because Johnny Gat is the G.O.A.T.! Another reason is, Volition and many other companies love...
  12. O

    could someone make a mod like these 2 mods from SR3

    Hello there could anyone make these mods for SR4 like in SR3: Earn your DLC Rewards Mod and Notriety and Homies tweak mod, as i love that mod as i have in my SR3 game these mods Earn Your DLCs Stuffs and Reward Tweak by michaelfung2000 Notoriety and Homies Tweak by michaelfung2000 Thanks very...
  13. Q

    Need help with DLC characters please..

    I'm attempting to do something similar to the "one call posse patrol" mod, where you make one call and a busload of homies show up. I'm having a really hard time getting even one of the dlcs to work under ""drive up homie" let alone a bus load. help would be appreciated! thanks
  14. Admixon

    Some Questions

    So Steam Workshop is live and my mods have over thousand of subcribers. My one mod New Textures Project has a lot of too but people say that it doesn't work for them. So my question is: why? Another question is about vehicles. I was going to release some of my paintjobs but it something like New...
  15. Admixon

    Game of the Century Upgrade Pack Problem

    Hi Volition, I would like to buy GOTC Upgrade Pack but Steam says that I already have this pack but it's a lie. Yes, I have all DLCs but I want that 1 weapon skin which is included only in GOTC but I don't have but Steam says that... I can't buy it. I have Steam in Polish because I'm from...
  16. Fan of Saints

    Polish patch from Cenega (spolszczenie Cenegi)

    ***IN ENGLISH*** --> DESCRIPTION <-- So I uploaded Polish patch from Cenega but without an installer - those are just patched files, all you have to do is to paste them to your Saints Row IV install folder. Why would I upload patched files if there's an installer, you may ask. Well, a lot of...
  17. Fan of Saints

    Enhanced DLC homies

    Remember - this mod doesn't unlock DLC content if you don't own it. Deal with it. --> DESCRIPTION <-- This mod enhances homies from Genkibowl VII, Gangstas in Space and The Trouble with Clones mission packs - that means additional characters will arrive if you call one of basic homies from...