character customization

  1. W

    Reveal her bra when wearing any outer shirt like SR4

  2. K

    Angel Wings as a backpack or something similar?

    I've seen that Saints Row IV has a mod where the player character can wear angel wings and a halo, but I haven't been able to find something like that for SRTT
  3. ٩

    The Bloody Canonness we wanted all along

    Pretty sure people have been looking for a hoodless version of the Bloody Canoness outfit since SRTT came out. I finally bit the bullet and installed Special K, and turns out it's actually kinda useful: I made a bunch of variants with different glasses, so at least one of them should speak to...
  4. K686

    Enhanced muscle definition

    DESCRIPTION A very simple edit that increases the visibility of the player muscles. RECOMMENDATION In my opinion, this edit looks pretty well combined with this other mod I ported from SRIV that increases the muscle slider: INSTALLATION Just copy the file...
  5. K686

    [Port from SRIV] Reasonable Body Slider

    DESCRIPTION This is simply a port from Saints Row IV to make these custom sliders work with Saints Row: The Third Remastered. The original aim of this mod was to make it possible to create a female Boss with a more muscular body than what the original game allows, but it also "increases" the...
  6. L

    Character Customization Giant character

    is there any mod that could increase the height of the character with editing the xtbl file.
  7. jackceck

    Booty Shorts - Fancy Fishnets with no fishnets

    I removed the fishnets from "Fancy Fishnets" in Leather in Lace to create short shorts. I also find out how to make stuff "shiner" so I have an extra file incase you want that change too. This will require a program called SPECIAL K:
  8. F

    Character Customization Body Sex Customization Mod (Very Rudimentary!)

    Remember the sex slider from SR2? Well, here's my best attempt to bring that back. No more Ripped male boss at 100% skinny, or cartoonishly curvy female boss. IMPORTANT: *This mod is very broken. I only decided to upload it in case anyone was willing to put up with a handful of visual bugs to...
  9. Singa


    This mod changes the Freckle Bitch's freckles from Image as Designed, as well as the Tribal16 face tattoo into realistic looking freckles for your character. The face tattoo is located in the leg tattoo section. For a greater color selection, use my mod that adds more colors to make-up, and...
  10. Singa

    Cow Print Clothing

    This mod let's you put a cow print design on a bunch of female clothing items to celebrate 2021 as the Year of the Ox. Affected are bras, underwear, stockings and gloves. Screenshots: Installing: To install the mod, simply move the .g_peg_pc and .peg_pc files of the clothing item you...
  11. Gio Saunders

    Character Customization Add more Player Voices?

    So I've been wondering, is it possible to add more player voices in saints row 2 using custom sound files as custom voice quotes?? for example: there are total of 6 in game player voices for your character like: Male 01 Male o2 Male 03 Female 01 Female 02 Female 03 (So is it possible to add...
  12. godagarah5000

    Character Customization stag commando armor and stag commando helmet outfit

    the outfit used by the stag specialists
  13. SunsetMajima

    Actual Professor Genki Outfit

    I want to wear the outfit exact same as professor Genki. I don't like that one we can get from the Funtime pack.
  14. D

    A copious amount of colours (Remaster compatible)

    A copious amount colours =================================================== Basically this mod combines various palettes, adding a total of 568 colours. Palettes included are from the following. Saints Row 2 Saints Row The Third Saints Row IV IdolNinja and Firespite's Extra clothing and makeup...
  15. Admixon

    SR:TT | Eye Texture Project

    Description Decided to port my ETP mod for SR4 over to TT. This version contains extra 2 colors that aren't available in IV's version! Now you can have pretty eyes in real Steelport. Screenshots Installation guide THIS PART IS FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T USE JEDIDAVE'S CUSTOMIZATION...
  16. D

    A copious amount of colours

    A copious amount colours =================================================== Basically this mod combines various palettes, adding a total of 568 colours. Palettes included are from the following. Saints Row 2 Saints Row The Third Saints Row IV IdolNinja and Firespite's Extra clothing and...
  17. D

    The Steelport Beautification Thread

    Welcome to the Steelport Beautification thread! As the title states, this thread is here to act as a guide to improving your virtual Steelport, not only aesthetically, but also functionally. I'm constantly using most of these along side each other in game and haven't had any issues...
  18. grahve

    Separate eyebrow and hair color?

    (First post here... I read through the forum rules but please tell me if I missed any kind of special rules/protocol for posting in this section!) I was wondering if it was possible to make it so your character's eyebrows can be colored entirely separate from their hair, like in SRTT and SRIV...
  19. Blackcr0wned

    Skinny & Abs (100%) | Skinny & more Skinny | Abs & more Abs | etc. - How you like it!

    Hey there! I created a little "mod" that changes your abs/muscles to more (I would say 100%) while staying skinny. You can use this for female and male characters, but on male ones (100% skinny) the abs are too much. Also works on a setting without 100% skinny, just try it out. And of course...
  20. Magil of Shadow

    Gat out of Hell Character Customization Skin Issue

    I'm not sure if I've messed up my mod setup, or the like, but I'm having a skintone issue with recreating a custom character in GoOH, where I can't seem to adjust or alter the skintone from this solid black color, even after removing the Kinzie 'outfit'. Current mods are: Rastaman289 & Fan of...