Pretty sure people have been looking for a hoodless version of the Bloody Canoness outfit since SRTT came out. I finally bit the bullet and installed Special K, and turns out it's actually kinda useful:


I made a bunch of variants with different glasses, so at least one of them should speak to you. Or ditch them entirely, it's your life

I sort of tried to make translucent lenses but wasn't successful. If anyone knows how, I'm always open to learning new things

There are a few small bugs, naturally. There is a phantom shadow under certain lighting from the ghost of the hood, no idea how to fix that. It's pretty obvious in Planet Saints and the Wardrobe, but most daytime situations it's a non-issue. Open to suggestions there as well. Also, the arms of the glasses don't reach the ears, doubt I can do anything about that. If that bothers you, use the version without glasses

Special K is required, of course. Jackceck made a useful writeup if you're new to it
The .XTBL file is also required to avoid this:

Read the README, I included instructions for integrating the changes to your existing "customization_items.xtbl" in case you still want your other outfit mods to work

No idea what happens if you try to use this in the original SRTT or either SRIV. Feel free to try it and report back. I may end up porting/recreating it if I get around to playing them, but in the meantime, you have my full permission to do so, I just ask that you provide credit. Almost no chance the .XTBL works as provided, but following the instructions in the README to integrate the changes probably would

Have fun


  • Hoodless Bloody Canoness V1.7z
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