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Workshop thievery

Discussion in 'Steam Workshop' started by Fan of Saints, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    Well, I've wanted to create a Workshop edition of Sandbox+ as well earlier but... Eh...
    Psst, 'control_binding_sets.xtbl' and 'control_schemes.xtbl' are unsupported.
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  2. Just do the...download this after you subscribe thing like Crib Mod. :p ;)
  3. DriemMastR

    DriemMastR Modding patch tester

    @Fan of Saints

    Hey there. I think I'm the "other guy" you mentioned , and I appreciate you not calling me out since I credited the author, but I actually don't mind because I strived for full transparency through the whole process.

    There are a lot of mods on here not on the workshop, and I agree ideally the authors would post them and provide not only better support than I can but get the credit they deserve. Unfortunately some of the authors have not been active on this site in over a year.

    In the case of this mod, and what I had planned to do with any future conversions, I:

    1. Contacted the author informing him/her about my intentions. Did not post anything publicly on Steam for a week.

    2. Contacted the author again and let him/her know I'd remove the Steam workshop version upon request.

    3. Mentioned twice is the mod description I did not create the mod, only did the conversion, and credited the original author.

    4. Will absolutely remove this mod if the original author comes back and wants to post it from his/her account.

    This mod too (Unlimited Super Powers) is pretty simple. It only requires changing a few numerical values in the xml file. It doesn't require any graphics hacking, and beyond changing a few numbers, modifying any game assets. So there's not a secondary way to go about this. Someone either converts the values to the new format or the mod simply can no longer exist.

    In fact, after the work I did for the conversion- I can honestly tell you that if you compared the original file, the original mod, and my SteamWork mod, there are far more differences between the original file and my version then there are the original mod and the Volition file.

    That being said, I understand the other side of the argument, and would really like feedback from the community and IdolNinja on this approach. I could easily make this mod private and just use it myself, but thought other people may enjoy using it.

    Let me know what you think. As I said before, I was open about all this for a reason.
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  4. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    For something like that, you should have added myself and the site admins to the PMs so that we are aware of the situation BEFORE uploading it. If we were in the loop and the original author didn't respond then we would give you the green light to do it.
  5. Speaking as devil's advocate here, but what gives anyone the right to upload someone else's work if they don't have permission to do so?
    If you don't have permission, then you don't have permission. Surely that's the end of it?