Weapon texture mods (mostly decker style)

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by gameqube, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. A new entry:

    Dubstep Gun pop star skin, with decker look

    If some people want the look on another dubstep skin, they can extract the diffuse and specular maps from the mod, and copy paste the images on the map files of the desired dubstep skin.
  2. I would like to use the Dubstep Gun pop star skin - decker look. But I like the pop star skin. Can this exchange the Industrial one instead? That one is so bland and this would be more fitting.

    Also I know your last post but while I can try to do it myself. I don't have like any idea what I am doing. I don't know how to do any of this stuff.
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  3. I am about to produce a variant of the skin, so I will deal with this request at the same time.
  4. Ok cool. :) Thanks.
  5. Just to let know of two changes:

    1. My original dubstep gun pop star mod has been ported over to all three basic dubstep gun skins, and can be found in one file in the OP:
    SR4 Dubstep gun 3 basic skins - with decker artwork look - V1

    2. A second dubstep gun skin has been added, which contains images from Isssse cosplay photos I had found at deviant art and I like them a lot. I asked her permission to use her photos, and while waiting for a reply, I created the first dubstep gun skin, which uses decker artwork or images instead. I have gotten permission from Isssse to use her photos, and I am thus producing this second skin version:
    SR4 Dubstep gun 3 basic skins - with Isssse decker cosplay - V1

    Since each skin is associated with a different song, I did mod all three basic skins, for the two versions, and people can thus pick and choose which one they want.
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  6. The Deckers dubstep gun looks absolutely amazing!
  7. Death Dealer

    Death Dealer Pirate

    Ok i love these guns plz im not the good at these xmls and stuff just upload a file so i can use all your guns together they contradict if i use more than one and those pistols are exactly what i was looking for the last 6 days on this site. As far as im conserned thats one epic set of pistols. But plz just upload or send me a file that uses all your guns together and thank you for the hard work. The four i need is pistol shokolov and smg and mcmanus sniper.
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  8. Miku Hatsune

    Miku Hatsune Modding patch tester

    That pistol skin... my god that's amazing.
  9. Death Dealer

    Death Dealer Pirate

    Yeah i love the silver one but i cant get it to work ith the rest of his weapons im like not good with changing pc files. If he can upload a file to use all his guns as a set that would be badass and id love this game again the guns and cars are cheesy. I like npcs behavior spawn bjust for the vehicles and different players but got tired of being attacked constantly in my own hood and my gang never walks the street.maybe i screwewd that up but personally i just want these guns to work they are badass
  10. Death Dealer

    Death Dealer Pirate

    I found out that the pistols work with the damned impaler mod if you just put in the 2 shotgun files and items preload contaners but i wish i could get all yours as a set lol would be better
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