Weapon texture mods (mostly decker style)

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by gameqube, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. As first entry, I refer to a special case, so that it does not get drowned in the sea of decker recolorings:

    Its a cooperation between me and Bloodjack to bring to release state his .45 Shepherd badass handgun mods for both default and gold plated skins

    bloodjack badass mod.jpg

    As the title implies, the rest of the thread will contain weapon texture mods that will be mostly decker style recolorings to the weapons that get my fancy. I dont have any plan in mind regarding the number of weapon texture mods I will do.

    Stungun - decker look

    Cumia Magnum Wireframe skin - slight recoloring

    Rubber Band Gun default skin - decker look

    SWAT smg default skin - decker look

    McManus 2020 default skin - decker look

    Thumpgun default skin - decker look

    Shokolov AR default skin - decker look

    Desintegrator rifle - decker look

    Black Hole Gun - decker look

    NEW ENTRY: Dubstep Gun [all 3 basic skins] - with decker artwork look
    NEW ENTRY: Dubstep Gun [all 3 basic skins] - with Isssse cosplay look

    stun gun.jpg Cumia Magnum Wireframe.jpg rubber band gun default skin.jpg swat smg decker look.jpg McManus decker look.jpg Thumpgun decker look.jpg shokolov AR decker look.jpg desintegrator rifle decker look.jpg black hole gun decker look.jpg dubstep gun pop star decker look.jpg dubstep gun with decker Isssse cosplay look.jpg
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  2. Just to let know of a new entry: Rubber Band Gun default skin
  3. Could you make a rexture of the swat smg with black and red detailing
  4. I might mod this weapon eventually. In that case, it would help if you can take a screenshot of the weapon and paint in red the regions you would like to be in red. If you can also put an example of the tone of red that you are looking for. Same for the level of black. I just watched it again today, and boy, it does look washed out!
  5. Just to let know of 2 new entries: SWAT smg and McManus 2020, both with a decker look.
  6. Just to let know of 2 new entries: Thumpgun and Shokolov AR, both with decker look.
  7. Just to let know of a new entry: Desintegrator rifle, with decker look.
  8. Just to let know of a new entry: .45 Shepherd - Bloodjack's badass mod for default and gold plated skins

    Bloodjack had problems with his normal map and I showed him a better way to do it, and he liked the result enough to ask me to release the mod. I tinkered some more with the normal map to make it a little bit cleaner, and here it is.
  9. The end result is really epic with your maps! Good job!
  10. I must say that your texture work on the gun is really nice! I was kind of sad to see your mod linger as work in progress, and I am happy to have helped bring it to release state!

    A new entry: Black Hole Gun, with decker look
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