Vtol and Specter Speed Mod For Advanced Flight Mode Users

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by SWEETNESS T 17, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. New game, No mods. I stand by what I said previously
    (except that part about helicopters.
  2. So the helicopter handling differences are now gone, when you uninstalled everything?
  3. I actually re installed the game as I had other issues which I could not fix (Steam found 13 invalidated files which were replaced) so your mod was the only one loaded into a clean install and as I have the saints vehicle pack, I was able to fly the purple v-tol on a new character. Only this time, I was restricted to zipping between buildings, dive bombing the streets and terrorising pedestrians and commutors due to my char being too low lvl for Stag intervention.

    An example of flight would be, leaving SHQ helipad, playing slalom between buildings, strafing the streets and returning to SHQ while still in flight mode (only going to hover mode above the pad) then landing on the pad. All this while doing barrel rolls, figure eights and vertical roll dives.

    Nice edits BTW :)
  4. So when you you started a new game, you grabbed the VTOL (BEFORE STAG interventio) and it was reverted to stock handling. Correct?

    Are you sure your settings weren't reverted? Go into the pause menu and turn on advanced flight mode, if it's off.
  5. Advanced is on and yes I was able to use the v-tol after gaining SHQ from the party mission with Pierce & Shaundi.
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