Ultra Powers

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by freezyburn, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. What? Blast power works like a charm for me.
  2. Umm can you do the file with just super jump and fast running thx
  3. Is this compatible with Things to do in Dominatrix? I have dominatrix and when I'm copying Ultra powers' files there's already a table there which is several times bigger in file size.
  4. Im gonna sound like a noob here but where do i find the download link for this mod i cant find it anywhere please someone tell me how to install the mod thanks it will be appreciated
  5. Look at the bottom of the original post, see the attached files.
  6. It's at the bottom of the first post
  7. I'm using the regular version and super sprint still drains stamina. It does make me run twice as fast though but it drains stamina twice as fast.
  8. I just thought that when you extended air dash time i just want to be it perfect so say everything you want about my mod!
  9. awesome mod just one thing can you add more
  10. can you make ultra powers npc compatible with Things To Do in the Dominatrix?
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