Ultra Powers

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  1. UltraPowersV2.2!

    Put the tweak_table.xtbl into your Saints Row IV folder:

    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApss\common\Saints Row IV
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApss\common\Saints Row IV


    • UltraPowers V2.2: The normal Mod
    • UltraPowers V2.Special: Only the Blast,Telekinenis,Stomp and Buff Edits. Requested by PsychoPanda7X.
    • UltraPowers-NPC: The normal Mod merged with the NPC Behaviour and Spawn Mod. Requested by val neagonant. So only use it when you also use the NPC Behaviour and Spawn Mod

    Current Features:

    Current Features:

    Upate list:
    Video of this mod made by Holy Cowlick:

    • Just tell me if you have another mod that has the same xtbl and you want this mode merged with the other mod! I ask the owner of the mod you want to get merged with mine and if he/she approves that. i can merge it and upload it in this thread!
    • If you think anything need to be added/changed/removed just post it here and i look at it!
    To do list:
    • Solve the bug that some times the 'Blast' power won't work. Fixed:)

    Attached Files:

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  2. ur so awesome bro
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  3. tnx! but dont you think something is missing? i just want to be it perfect so say everything you want about my mod!
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  4. That's pretty impressive.
  5. badash17

    badash17 Pirate

  6. Could you please make air dash last forever, thanks
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  7. Well that only can with unlockables and there are already mods for that
  8. yeah i found it already, thanks. I just thougth that when you extended air dash time, that you could make it.
  9. Posted a less ''ultra'' version where the jump and sprint are decreased but the original file will still downloadable

    EDIT: i deleted the normal file because people only downloaded the less "ultra" version
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2013
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  10. MARYBrazil

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