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  1. Not easy lol. When you repack it, it will say preload_rigs_packed.vpp, rename the file to preload_rigs.vpp and remove the_packed;). For some reason it does that but it works:p
  2. Hey! To modify the body texture, what file should I go for?
    "default female defuse"?
    I changed some textures on the "default female defuse" file but the game didn't open after I placed it on the SR3 root...updated the ASM but it didn't shown anything, like if I was updating no new file..
  3. default_female_diffuse.str2_pc is the correct one for body textures, specifically for the female boss character.
    You will also need customize_player.asm_pc in the SR3 root before you update ASM. If you private message me your mod files, I could probably detect the problem more easily.
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  4. Thanks, I have already figured out before reading your reply!

    Well I'm having some difficulty in retexturing, I appreciate any help! I will contact you later with my case
  5. I know I'm years late but I get the error message trying to Re-pack the folder.
    if you could help, that'll be much appreciated

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  6. Thank you, this somewhat makes sense (I only read it, my pc is off at the moment). If I have time I will hopefully make a simple mod, am good with editing so should come in handy.

    Edit 1: I was able to export and import, tested and things seem to work. Time to painstakingly draw my own textures for a mod, hopefully I can do this.
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  7. i need some help. i have my updated textures but i have know clue what to do with them.
  8. pack them back into the VPP i believe, then update your game with it
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