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  1. Ok, go to Saints Row the third tools section. Download my asm updater updated. Updates almost every asm in the game for you. Copy the entire asm updater folder to main directory and leave it there. Put any asm_pc files in main directory with the corresponding str2_pc file you wish to update. Open the asm updater folder in main directory and run the top windows batch file to update. A small windows command prompt window will pop up and update everything for you. When you wish to remove one, run the bottom batch file. It is that easy.
  2. i have become very good with srtt so feel free to ask questions and i can probably help since i have pretty much retextured and reprogrammed half the game.
  3. I did it. I got SRTT to launch (apparently there's a common problem on Steam where it doesn't download the first time) and I successfully altered Kinzie so she is dressed like Anna (the short shorted lady biker saint), and replaced all the generic saints with Swat/Masako. Some issues though, it changes Kinzie's glasses into sunglasses, and it tries to put a bandana on her head (Kinzie's hair clips though it).

    I'm looking through the extracted files for both SRTT and SRIV, and I noticed that Shaundi and Kinzie have two entries, one npc and one saints_female. I open them up with paint net, and they're identical. With Kinzie in SRIV I went ahead and changed both of them, but game wise, what's the difference?
  4. You lost me my friend lol. The glasses issue is because it recognises the original .rig for whatever character you used( that is the 3d object basic structure). Next, yes there are 4 kinzie filesin sriv and 2 in srtt and 2 different shaundi. One shaundi is the bobblehead in the bank robbery and one is the standard everyday shaundi. Next in sriv you will see kinzie and shaundi listed in sriv. Why? Sriv still uses the basic files from srtt and then added new ones to create different versions of every character for presidential, nightmares(simulation) and super saints. Last, you are correct they both look the same when extracted. Why? To prevent glitching(otherwise clipping issues) in the characters, they both have to match(npc_kinzie and saints female kinzie or vice versa).
  5. Here is my kinzie and the 2 shaundi files to look at. Shaundi is a sucessfull port of super shaundi from sriv. Replace the 2 kinzie files and the 4 shaundi files and update your character containers just as you already did. Then unpack the preload rigs.vpp file and replace the files i have given in the preload rigs folder. Repack the preload rigs.vpp with gibbed tools and replace it.

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  6. Preload rigs, that's where I've been going wrong. Which tool extracts sim_pc files?
  7. None that i know of. They are edited with hexedit. Preload_rigs.vpp is located steam/steam apps/common/saints row the third/packfiles/pc/cache.
  8. Unpack with gibbed tools by dragging the .vpp file on gibbedunpack.vpp.exe and it extracts the contents. To repack it drag the folder onto gibbedpackvpp.exe after replacing files. This contains all tools necessary to modify game files

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  9. Unpacking the folder was the easy part. Opening and editing the SIM_PC files inside is what I'm struggling with.
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