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Saints Row (12).png
Flipped Kevin off just to see his reaction. He was non-plussed about it.

Saints Row (13).png

Driver in car, being hoisted hundreds of feet in the air: "I don't need this."

Saints Row (14).png

OK, why is there a grave dug here when I hadn't even done the final mission yet?
Aw nuts.
I have no idea how to install mods in this game, I was hoping it was a Decal option I'd missed
Didn't see this until now.

It is a mod, and part of something bigger that I'm working on. ^_^
Sweet. I've already tried recreating the gang vehicles from SR2 in SRR, but they just don't quite look right without the decals.

The only one that looks decent is the Brotherhood trucks I've done, but that's using the Geometric Decal option, so it's not perfect.

Can't wait to see this big project you're working on... I have a theory on what it might be, but I don't want to guess this early.