saints row reboot

  1. F

    Saints Row (2022) Natural Visuals - Reshade Preset

    DOWNLOAD This reshade is my attempt to improve the reboot's visuals by making it looks as photorealistic as possible and removing that intense golden heat tint. CONTENTS: f13 natural visuals.ini: The standard version of this reshade. Includes HDR, clarity, contrast, and tint (used a bluish...
  2. E

    Faster Cars

    in options you can change that to 100%, but what about 1000%?
  3. MadeOfPuddin

    WORKSHOP First Strike Gi

    A standalone retexture of the Karate Cobra suit, bringing First Strike from the rebooted universe. Available for purchase at all clothing stores. A.) Download First Strike Gi v1.1.vpp_pc, and place it in your Saints Row IV\mods folder. B.) Subscribe on the Steam Workshop, and wait for it to...
  4. Singa

    Tutorial Reporting Bugs and Issues

    Since there are plenty of bugs in the game, some minor and some major, the best thing we can do as players is to let the devs know of the bugs we run into, to hopefully patch them. However, before opening a ticket to report a bug, try to make sure that the bug is not caused by a mod you're...
  5. Admixon

    SRR | Share your cool/funny screenshots

    Share your funny pics of funny situations, cool scenes or bugs here You can share your character pics here:
  6. Singa

    Talking About Spoilers

    With the embargo lifted and many content creators and gaming news outlets showing a ton of gameplay, missions and other parts of the game, there naturally are a lot of spoilers floating around. While we allow you all to talk about these spoilers, we ask that you also respect the people who do...
  7. j3lly_m3lly

    is majority of saints row reboot criticism unreasonable?

    the characters and story take the main spotlight of saints row's criticism, even tho if saints row's quality would b standing with just story and characters 2 a relevant degree, players wouldn't b hving thousands of hours in saints row games, but rather dozens at best.. y? bc that's how long the...
  8. pleasegofuk

    Saints Row - Self Made (2022)

    So we all know the new Saints Row game is a reboot and is coming February of 2022. A lot of people, myself included aren't necessarily happy with this newest installment judging by the CGI trailer(s) we were shown during the Gamescom event. I know people say not to put all your eggs in one...