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SRIV SDK Release B: Adding New Customization Items

Discussion in 'Steam Workshop' started by flow754, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. How difficult would it be to take the cape from the panda outfit and make it a separate model with all the same effects?
  2. The clothes must be men and women or is optional?
  3. Right now I'm trying to do that, but their seems to be no Tutorial on extracting Vanilla Mesh > Converting it for 3D Modeling Program > RePack into Mod File for Uploading
  4. Hey, if it helps, I can tell you how to export a model from the game and put it back in, if you are having issues with that.
    First you need the model importer for 3ds Max (https://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum/threads/mesh-importer-for-3ds-max.4661/), this allows 3ds Max to import any mesh file from SR3 and SR4.
    It has some shortcomings though, the models are extremely small (I found that to make them fit with the body mesh provided with the SDK you need to scale the imported clothes/items by about 1550-1555 times) and you can't actually see the model's outline in non-realistic viewports, you only see vertices if you have them selected for edit.
    After you finish working with your model as you would normally in 3ds Max, you extract it as .fbx (default settings for FBX 2012 work fine for me) and import it into Maya, and you do everything else in this guide. If you prefer to work in Maya or Gimp, you can also export the file without editing it at all.
    For the original textures, you can take the SR3 Texture Utilities (https://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum/threads/sr3-texture-utilities.566/) and unpack the original textures and just re-apply them with Maya. However the texture unpacker only seems to unpack Diffuse, RGB and normal maps, so if the model uses BCM you probably need to make it yourself.

    When you make clothes, you need to make versions for men and women separately, but it is not required. You can make an only male or only female clothing if you want. If your clothing is only for a man/woman, you need to make sure that it says so in the customization_items.xtbl file for that mesh. (Here is an example: http://i.imgur.com/GLxW64h.png)


    I made some models with 3ds Max and added them into the game as per the guide, and they work fine in SR4. Then I tried to add the same working clothes to Saints Row the Third (I do that by replacing the files of existing clothes with the new ones and package the str2 file with gibbed tools). Some clothes work perfectly and I can use them without issues. However some clothes do not work properly, if they are worn, I cannot load the game (it always crashes), I can't edit my player in Image as Designed (crashes) and some missions will not load (infinite load screen, only one I can remember is the first Genki show mission).
    Is there a reason why some clothes will work and some others don't? When replacing the clothes, I always replace shoes with shoes, upper body with upper body and so on, and I make sure all the textures and VIDs are identical in the customization_items.xtbl in the SRTT game folder.
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  5. That doesn't works for new items. You can't hide male or female version of costume. Also you can't hide it for some specific stores too so it will be available everywhere.
  6. What happens if you have a male only clothing and your player is a female? You just wear the male version?
  7. costume always has 2 archives, one has files for male version other for female if you using SDK convertor and pack your costume for one gender only you will get "placeholder" for other. That is costume which you copied with Minimaul’s Saints Row IV Copy Tools .
    IDK are one gender costumes existing but game crushing when you delete <Male_Mesh_Filename> or <Female_Mesh_Filename> tag so probably not.
  8. Admixon

    Admixon Modding patch tester

    If you make an item for male only, female uses default (copied) item.
  9. Somebody know how to make work sphere maps with ir_sr3pccloth shader ? They doesn't seams to work for me and material looks flat without gloss.
  10. is possible add more texture in a cloth or only default?