SR4 Hairstyles for SR3

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  1. ported by MLVNRT
    hair models from SR4
    !!!This is a replacement mod, it replaces original game items!!!
    19 hairstyle replacements which includes:
    -Braided Pigtails
    -Braided Ponytail
    -Classic Bob
    -Croydon Facelift
    -Demure Long Style
    -Double French Braid
    -Hime Cut
    -Layered Bob
    -Layered Straight
    -Long and Layered
    -Long and Parted
    -Long Wavy Style
    -Loose Pigtails
    -Parted Curtain
    -Prom Queen
    -Totes Kawaii
    -Vintage Cheerleader
    -Wavy Side Do
    Don't expect requests to be fulfilled. More hairstyles maybe replaced through later time.
    For female boss characters

    Optional/Additional Mods:
    SR4 Clothing for SR3

    Step 1- Extract archive

    Step 2- Move all files (except Readme and Image) into main game libary...
    ...C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row the Third

    Step 3- Launch Saints Row the Third game

    Step 4- Go to "Image as Designed" and browse for hairstyles
    19/08/2018 V1: 5 more hairstyles replaced
    25/08/2018 V2: 12 more hairstyles replaced
    08/09/2018 V3: 1 more hairstyle replaced

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  2. thank you
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  3. BeautiDuwanger

    BeautiDuwanger Snow White

    Niiice! I dindt knew it was possible to port hairs from SR4 to SR3. Could you share us how u did it?
  4. I actually used VIPER VENOM's ports as a guide of what files to use and where to place them:
    Basically, you must unpack a SR4 custmesh file using ThomasJepp tools. Unpack a SR3 custmesh file using Gibbed tools. Rename the SR4 files to replace the corresponding SR3 files. Replace SR3 files with the renamed SR4 files. Repack with Gibbed tools. Place new custmesh file into library along with a renamed .morph_pc file that corresponds with the custmesh file and customize_items.asm_pc. Update .asm_pc. Unpack preload_rigs.vpp_pc from SR3 and replace .sim_pc file with renamed SR4 .sim_pc file of corresponding custmesh file. Repack .vpp_pc and replace original preload_rigs.vp_pc with it.

    This does not work for all combinations for hair replacements so there is some trial and error due to current lack of knowledge.
    SR3 files are placed in slightly different places compared to SR4 and the .str2_pc extractor is separate from the .vpp_pc extractor.

    Items list for SR3:
    Items List for SR4:
    ASM_Updater (best way to update asm for SR3):

    Gibbed Tools:
    TomasJepp Tools:
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  5. BeautiDuwanger

    BeautiDuwanger Snow White

    Thanks! ill try it
  6. I'm ValeriyaMia, you remember I asked you to port the costumes, the President shaundi,viola de winter, Tanja winters
  7. I need to try this mod. I hate the Strands of Clay look that SR3 has for hair.
  8. Bah. I installed this mod and on my next start-up went into the infinite load mode. Never made it into the game.
  9. Did you forget to install the "packfiles" folder included? This could easily happen if files for the mod is missing.
  10. I installed everything except the Readme and the Images files. Was there anything else I needed to do? I unzipped, copied and pasted everything to the main SRTT directory, as instructed. Thanks.
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