1. A

    New female hairstyles?

    Hello everyone! I've been looking around to find a decent mod that adds more female hairstyles to SR2. So far I haven't found anything at all. In my opinion the original hairstyles don't offer a big variety. So if anyone is interested to make a conversion from newer SR games or even a brand new...
  2. -SeaboundSaint-

    Hairstyle Internal Names

    The in-game names of Hairstyles in Saint's Row 2 often have quite a different name internally. I needed to know which Hairstyles are which for a mod project I'm working on, so I made this list. Hopefully this can be useful to others. Hairstyles added by Gentlemen Of The Row are marked with an...
  3. -SeaboundSaint-

    Natural Hair-Colour Studio

    Tired of dull, lifeless hair? Try NEW Natural Hair-Colour Studio from Seabound Pharmaceuticals! (Now with hyaluronic acid! We don't know what it is either!) ABOUT: Natural Hair-Colour Studio offers 20 new natural hair colours, each with 10 alternate variations! Each natural hair colour...
  4. MadeOfPuddin

    Character Customization SRIV Customization Items

    The aim of this mod is to add as much customization items (hair, clothing, tattoo) to Saints Row: The Third as the game can handle. It currently adds 45 items for both male and female characters. You can leave your ideas and requests in the comments. I might consider them, but no guarantees...
  5. T

    NPC hair for player?

    Hello, I'd like to ask if it's possible to make all the NPC hairs available for the player? I've seen some on my crew and in the city that aren't available. Has anyone done such a mod or would anyone like to do it? I realize that this isn't the place to ask but in case no on wants to do it, how...
  6. MadeOfPuddin

    Restored Hairstyles

    Description Adds two missing hairstyles from Saints Row The Third (Egyptian Princess and The Maero Mullet), and optionally unlocks two locked hairstyles (Hi Fauxhawk and Queen Bee). Screenshots Installation Drop all files (including the mods folder) into your root folder (Restored...
  7. S

    Maero mullet from SR3 to SR4?

    Would there be a way to put the Saints Row 3 Maero mullet into Saints Row 4? The version of it they canonically have in SR4 honestly looks butt awful. We need more undercuts!
  8. D

    Character Customization hard rock hairstyle without glasses

    could someone make a mod that removes the glasses on the top of the head from the hard rock hairstyle ? it's really annoying you can't wear glasses without looking completely ridiculous x)
  9. J

    Character Customization SR4 hairs for SRTTR

    I know that there is a mod for SR3 to do this, and I was wondering if the same could be done for the remaster. Another question I have is whether or not I can use the original SR3 mod for the remaster.
  10. Admixon

    Even More Hair Colors

    Hi. If you can't find any interesting color for your hair this mod is (I hope) for you! I modified GoTR version of hair colors and added 97 new variants/mixes! Screenshots Installation 1. Install GoTR first (required!) HERE 2. Download Even More Hair Colors.rar file and open it with...
  11. Darkthrone

    Male long hair SR4 for SR3 [Mod Request]

    such as the mod, SR4 Hairstyles for SR3, i wonder if its possible replace the hairstyles for male characters too, i just needed the long wavy style,demure long style and braided pigtails, can someone do it? ..thx
  12. Stringman

    SRIV male hairstyles for SRTT

    I'm seeing mods that only include female hairstyles from Saints Row IV so far. If anything, I'm looking for the "Boy Cut" hairstyle from Saints Row IV to be ported or modded to Saints Row The Third.
  13. T

    New hairstyles as hats for SW4?

    I don't want to be choosy for this request, but i have seen people create "hair" hats for sw4. is this possible for a modder to do such a thing? And yes I know there will be no "flowing" with said hats, but i'm fine with that. Oh, and remember when I said I didn't want to be choosy? Well is it...
  14. MLVNRT

    SR4 Hairstyles for SR3

    ported by MLVNRT hair models from SR4 !!!This is a replacement mod, it replaces original game items!!! Note: Don't expect requests to be fulfilled. More hairstyles maybe replaced through later time. For female boss characters Optional/Additional Mods: SR4 Clothing for SR3...
  15. Lance-croquette

    Possible to import SR:4 Clothings and Haircuts to SR:TT ??

    hey, is it possible to import outfits from Saints Row 4 to Saints row: the third ? And the haircut too ? Basically is it possible to import a maximum element of SR:4 to SR:TT ? I search, but i don't find a mod like that, but at the same time I'm french and I probably not search correctly with...
  16. MerryMarie

    Specific model ports from SR4 to SR3

    Trying to get the hairstyle seen on my profile pic in sr3. found a mod that gives me it but replaces a lot of other stuff. tried to mod it myself but i can't find tools that work so gave up. can someone help me with this? would be really nice. maybe trying to take out everything but that...
  17. Converting hair

    Hey, I've been searching like crazy for some hair mods. It's probably not possible to transfer my SRIV character to SRTT, so I'd like to at least convert a hairstyle or two (again, if it's possible. I know it works for SRTT to SRIV, I don't know if it does the other way around though). If I...
  18. Fan of Saints

    SilverLink Pack

    --> DESCRIPTION <-- This one is for those who hate Expanded Arsenal Mod. It's pure SilverLink content, without any other features. I also enabled all those crappy money/respect bonuses for pussies so you'll get combo of unlock screens after launching the game. ;) --> HOW TO INSTALL? <-- Copy...