SR4 Character Mesh Viewer

Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by MissingLink, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. i'll check it out btw im using 3ds max 2010
  2. The model viewer and the obj exporter is sick but, is there a way to fix the broken UV's? :c
  3. Not at the moment. The files have a texture list but it is a mystery on how the textures get mapped to materials within the cmesh files. Once the next version of the Volition SDK is released I was going to run a few experiments to try and figure it out. But I am in wait mode for now.
  4. nice, if you could send me message when you got something that'd be sweet
  5. i'm guessing no Zinyak Mech yet still ?
  6. No :(. My interest in working on this waxes and wanes and since it is at a low right now I haven't been putting anytime into it. But with Gat out of Hell coming out soon (and hopefully followed by the next release of the SDK) my interest may increase.
  7. Is there any way to export the custom made player model? I've been trying for a while and can't seem to work it out.
  8. The player model is handled in a completely different manner in game. This tool only works with the NPC models.
  9. Hiya!!
    I've got a question about the model viewer; I read in earlier pages (the post where you used the kinzieprez model as an example) about that issue with the textures not being found in the model viewer. I had ran into that problem myself while i was trying to extract Matt Miller's model as an .obj
    When I opened him up in model viewer, he looks like this:
    Now, I had followed the instructions you had posted in that post, and despite following everything word-for-word I still am unable to add his hair, scarf, and pants textures to his model.
    I have also saved all the textures as .bmp files, even the ones from mmiller_head.cpeg_pc just incase i needed them
    Here is what the folder for him looks like:
    I'm not sure what i'm supposed to do now, because everything i've tried hasn't worked. I'm very sorry to bother you with a situation like this that you've already answered.
    Is there anything you'd be able to suggest?

    let me know if you can't see the photos by the way, i can provide links to view them.
  10. Ahh i remember this stuff haha, it was a very lengthy process to get the textures working n' exported properly. i haven't done it in such a long time i'm not entirely sure how i did it tbh :eek:
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