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    As I recall, PS3 saves are encrypted, but if you somehow manage to decrypt it, then "maybe". I haven't tried it. It won't work if the structure is different or uses a different endianness.

    I suspect you're editing a different file from what you think you're editing. The best way to make sure you're editing the file you think is to make a manual save in the game, sort the save directory by modified timestamp, and pick the most recently modified file. The numbers on the ends of the filenames do not correspond with which save slot they occupy in the game; that is all determined by a separate, directory file that I never figured out how to read.
  2. I had this same problem. Even though I was editing the same file. I am not able to recreate the problem to test it as I only fixed it once, but going to the weapon cache you should notice that your pistols or whatever you changed will show up as only one pistol. Re-select it, or change it to the other weapon and then change back and it should be updated in the game.

    @Corrodias I'm having trouble with New Game+ I only have the one save file so I know that I'm modifying the correct one. I can see all the statistics match the game save I'm looking to change, yet when I do the New Game+, although it shows in Territories tab that everything has been reset. It does not affect the game in any way. I clicked save ;) I even changed some other things just to make sure that my save function was working properly. I haven't read through the entire thread yet but in my search I didn't see anyone else mentioning a problem. Any ideas? Thanks either way, and wonderful tool.

    EDIT: I figured it out. I thought Autosave had been disabled on my game because of using other mods and it does not show up in the game save list. Apparently, autosave had reactivated and took my "00" save slot. Oops. I got the idea/answer from your post on page 28 of this thread where you mentioned that "autosave does not reload automatically after the initial 'Continue'" so thanks again.
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  3. are u still gonna fix that infinite sprint multiplier problem? seems its too hard for me to fix it myself using tools :( i know its like 5 years when u talked about it in this thread last time but im new saints row 3 player and bit late for party :p u did talk about trying fix it in page 15.
  4. Have you tried "Shoobidy Boobity Xtreme"?
  5. Tried to remove ownership of Brickston's Friendly Fire but it still shows up as "owned" in game (unchecked it on every save). Otherwise, never had a hiccup with the editor in years.
  6. Um How Do You Use This I Cant Understand How To Use It I Need Help
  7. how to install it? i'm new for this kind of mod
  8. It's not working for fix the permanent cooldown homie
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