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  1. I exported it and imported it (there was now a file apparently.) What next? All it does is, well, nothing.
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    It's for saving your current look to a file so you can duplicate it onto another character if you'd like, without having to use the upload
  3. Ah, K. I see. Thanks!
  4. I need help. I wanted to remove the damage immunities in the save editor and I understand that I have to uncheck the unlock then go to the player tab and change the numbers there. But what I need to know is what do those numbers represent? its all at 0.00 so im guessing that, that is how much damage im taking. But I want it to be like how it was before, I don't know what the damage value was for bullets, explosions, etc.
  5. Hello and thank you for your great work. It's invaluable.
    I have a question about DLC vehicles in a garage. Am I doing something wrong or are they not supported? I see all the old ones, like Nyte Blade and Saints VTOL, but no later ones like Salem, Genkimobile, Angry Tiger, Sexy Kitten's variants of Solar / Kayak / something else. This screws up my attempts at sorting things in my full garage, since all these vehicles go to the bottom of the list. Can I request support for them?

    By the way, I think there might be a minor bug with garage calculations. When you add/delete new vehicle to a garage, game counts it. When you do it via export/import in save editor, it does not. So it is possible to have "your garage is full" warning while still having any number of slots, and vice versa. I was hoping the limit on cars can be exceeded this ways, but the game just cuts the list at the limit. Anyway, this discrepancy can be easily fixed with adding/deleting a few random cars for the game to recount (maybe it's even enough to do it once to get correct count, didn't test it). It's minor thing, but I thought I should let you know.

    It's a straightforward multiplier. 1.00 is 100% damage, 0.50 is 50%, etc.
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    The DLC vehicles are stored in a different area, and will always go to the bottom of the list. I'll think about how that could be presented to the user.

    Thanks for the bug report, but could you give me a precise list of steps to recreate that issue and exactly what to look for? Since you're familiar with it, knowing exactly what to look for would save a lot of time. I don't even know how the garage limits work, myself, whether it's a global storage of 92/97, or there are individual allotments per type.
  7. But early DLC vehicles work just fine and can be sorted as everything else. That's because they were included in the game files from the start?

    The garage limit seems to be researched thoroughly, at least according to the wiki. It claims that you have 64 slots shared between all types. So you actually have only one garage, different access points just have different filters on type. Unlockable vehicles are ignored in this calculations. All this is consistent with what I am observing myself.

    The game only stores information about this many player-procured vehicles. If you go to save editor and add 70 vehicles, the game will then just cut the last 6, you won't see them. Now the mechanism to prevent the player from storing too many vehicles seems to be separated. It just stores a number. When you add car, it increments (or recounts all list, needs testing). When you delete or lose it (give away your car in theft activities), it decrements (or recounts). If it reaches 64, it gives you warning about garage limit and prevents you from storing anything new via interface means.

    So. If you go get yourself 64 cars, the headcount in the game will be 64. If you go delete some of them in the editor, the game will still think you have 64. You'll have to delete something from within the game to free up this number or it'll keep telling you that the garage is full. I didn't test it yet, but I assume the opposite is also true: if you add cars via editor and hit a limit, there will be no warning in-game, but new vehicles will be lost while the game tells you how you stored them successfully.

    Disregard all that. Testing showed that it doesn't work. Everything is fine. Strangely, yesterday it seemed like a pretty clear bug. I remember deleting a few vehicles in a save editor and getting "garage is full" afterwards, while clearly being able to add more via export/import (and it showed in-game). Maybe game just needs player to drive out of the garage zone and get back to recount vehicles. I did that now and everything was right as it should have been. Sorry about that. Yet again testing dominates theories.
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    Yes, the "unlockable" DLC vehicles are normal vehicles. The reward vehicles for the DLC mission packs are what are special and get their own garage section.

    Reward vehicles are ignored in the calculation? That is an interesting possibility. What wiki page are you referring to?
  9. This one.
    Information is about SR1 & SR2, but testing done on the talk page and personal experience confirm it for SR3. I've counted "common" vehicles in my garage just now, tested the limits, and it's all good: 64 self-procured vehicles, tons of unlocked ones. Full garage does not prevent unlocking new cars, removing unlockables via save editor does not free up any slots.
    Unlockable vehicle is a pretty broad term: all DLC ones, reward for missions (you can have "free" gang cars after related missions, for example), boats and aircraft that you get with cribs. Free vehicles do not have "delete" option in garage, that's how you can identify them quickly.

    Maybe it would be possible to flag normal cars as free ones in editor? That would essentially remove the garage limit. Or at least increase it.
  10. I know this is such a basic question, but I don't know where my save files are can anyone point me to the correct folder?
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