Spadita's Weapons Tweaks Workshop

This pack of modification basically adjust some tweaks of weapons just like in SR1 and add some stuff:

- Nukamingo 9001 contains the platinum RPG model and projectile, also the explotion is just like the normal RPG.
- Mcmanus now has its mag without issues and changed the category to Rifle.
- Minigun changed category to Launcher.
- NR4's tweaks are fixed, shooting like a normal pistol.
- AS12 Riot and Platinum AS12 Riot contains it's original animations.
- Golden GDHC .50 now have SR1's tweak, with one shoot you kill any NPC.
- SKR-7 now contains it own animation when you start shooting with aim.
- Ammo contains the same number as in SR1.
- SR1's Guns icons are restored.

Weapons that got replaced:
- Chainsaw Launcher
- Septic Gun
- AR50 Firework
- Nukamingo

Known issues:
-Whenever you drink Soda, Tea or Coffee, not only the model of it is invisble but at the moment the player "drops" de object the game crashes. At the moment there is no way to fix it (Topic that i mentioned: Advice for those who wants to complete Hitman activity, take out the mod and once you completed install the mod back.

How to install: Drop all the files that the folder contains to "1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE", while the file preload.tbl drop it in sr2 main folder.

Credits to:
-IdolNinja with GOTR
-Rick for gibbed Tools
-BandiG for his fixed Mcmanus mod
-Singa for his AS12 Riot weapon animations and glenquagmire71 for his texture


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- Changed Gal 43 shooting sound effect with SKR-7's one (or mac-10).
- Gal 43 contains also SKR-7 animations of shooting.
Yeah its weird hearing Gal 43 Vanilla version sound effect with Minigun effect i'm glad there's mod can change gal 43 sound effect
- Changed Pipe Firework icon with Pipe Bomb.
- Changed Pipe Firework to Vanilla Pipe Bomb.
Planning to add:
- SR2 Mcmanus2010
- Prototype Vice 9 (Vanilla SR2 Beretta)

Yes, please, I've been trying to do it myself but only managed to reinstate the AR-50.

Also, any chance to release a "cosmetic only" version of this mod?