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so apparently, Voilition's next title got leaked.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by enjoyingorc6742, May 6, 2016.

  1. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    This makes me sad.
  2. Of course there will be. Maybe one of them is a Rick and Morty cameo
  3. Take a closer look on the "Yeti" agent on the website, i bet 20 beers thats oleg ;)
  4. I hope in a cutscene after the credits we see the Boss as a cashier in a grocery store and they suddenly remember everything that happened in the Saints Row series and think 'WTF am I doing here' and then we get a SRV. I called it, SR5 confirmed [gone grocery shopping]
  5. This is good news! If the game was multiplayer it would probably end up like fuse...(insomniac's xbox 360 game)
  6. The shop can be called "martha washington and son's groceries"
  8. @IdolNinja, it could be better if you put this link to official game's site as a pinned link onto the top of this subforum, since it's the official Volition's website for this game?
  9. Excuse me for being lost here lol. But if i am reading this right, and this is volition next game and by chance is the continue of the saints row series, somebody got way of course here. From what i saw in this video you guys linked, if this is anywhere close to a next saints row game, they lost their touch or something. To go from the greatest and most realistic create your own player, multiplayer or single player game with some of the best effects and go way off course to this i am lost. I would rather play the saints row row series games we have that resemble reality than waste 60 dollars of my weeks pay. No offense but if volition just enhanced and enlarged what they already had going it would be a great game but what kid came up with this? Now if wrong and i have been reading this wrong and my response is off track forgive me. I work a lot and pay hard earned money for the saints row games and would gladly continue to do so. But if this is the future of saints row you can find me in my old threads:).
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