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Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by Quantum, Feb 24, 2015.

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    It's a lot of hours work (I've spent days and days and days on this stuff!), and Volition have helped a LOT with file format information - which is all publicly posted on this forum! I can't stress enough how awesome it's been to be able to ask questions and get answers from Volition staff - particularly Mike Wilson ([V] Knobby on here) - he's been an absolutely incredible help.

    That code is shared for a reason - it's free for anyone to use to extend the tools or to fix bugs. I do accept pull requests too :p

    It's a narrow case but also the single most common one for SRIV :)
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  2. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    You just answered my next question! :D (although, finding time always seems to be my biggest constraint :()
  3. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    If you want to use the library in your own app or make changes/bug fixes, the license covering that code is also in the repository:

    It's not a "standard" license, but it's pretty simple and easy to follow rather than the 300 million page document that is the GPL :p

    Edit: and I know what you mean about time :)
  4. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    Version 1.2 released:
    • Now supports the "tables" sub-folder for mods that include loose animation tables.
    • Includes support scripts so Simple Mod Manager can now be used to manage Sandbox+ and other mods that need to replace ".vpp_pc" files in "packfiles\pc\cache".
    • Supports a new optional configuration file which allows your Managed Mods folder to be stored anywhere on your hard drive (doesn't have to be in the game's install folder).
    • Creates a log file so you now have a record of exactly what files were installed/removed.
    • Renamed to "Simple Mod Manager" instead of "Ultra-Simple Mod Manager".
    Go to the first post in this thread to download.

    I have tested this and have it working with every single mod I have now (including Sanbox+ for Saints Row III and IV, and Minimaul's clothing additions for Saints Row GOOH), so now I can completely remove my mods (or just certain ones) when I want to play online co-op, and then just reinstall them when I want to use the mods. And it's really useful if I want to try out a mod, because I can just make a folder for it, install it, and if I don't like it I can just remove it with Simple Mod Manager and optionally delete the mod folder.

    As always, I want to hear your comments!

    I want to hear from you. Let me know if you find Simple Mod Manager useful, useless, love it, hate it, or if you have any questions, problems or suggestions. I'm always looking for feedback. Thanks! :D
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  5. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    Version 1.3 released.
    This is a minor bug fix release.
    • Fixed a bug which would fail to install mods that have files in the "tables" directory but no files in the base mod directory.
    • You can now press Enter to refresh the mod list (in case you add or remove mod directories while this is running), or enter "Q" to quit.
    Download in post #1 above.
  6. I'm trying to put Things To Do In Dominatrix through this.
    I can get it to copy everything over correctly, but once installed, it won't detect it as such, and thus obviously doesn't uninstall.
    Any advice?
  7. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    I actually use it with Things To Do In Dominatrix myself, and I haven't had any problem with it detecting and uninstalling it.
    So, you're saying it doesn't show up as INSTALLED on the menu immediately after you install it?
  8. Correct. It copies all 592+5 files in root+tables, executes the packfile script successfully, but then immediately still shows the dashes.
    It's entirely possible I just set it up wrong, but I have no idea how to set it up right in that case.
  9. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    Congratulations! You found a bug in Simple Mod Manager. I apologize for not finding this earlier. :oops:

    I couldn't reproduce it with the older version of Things To Do In Dominatrix I had, but it happened when I downloaded the latest version. Apparently it only had problems when a file had a caret (^) in the file name. It's actually a bizarre problem with Windows batch files.

    The good news is that I've fixed the bug and released a new version.


    Please download the new version 1.3.1 in the first post of this topic. If you simply replace your "SRSimpleModManager.bat" file with the new version, it should now tell you that the mod is installed, and you can then uninstall it. I tested it with the latest version of Things To Do In Dominatrix, and it works. If you've removed or changed any of the mod's files in the game directory manually, then the mod will not show up as INSTALLED, and you'll need to remove the mod manually and then reinstall it using the new Simple Mod Manager.

    Also, please note, since Things To Do In Dominatrix is a very big mod, it will take a while for Simple Mod Manager to detect if it's installed or not. You'll see a delay when displaying the Simple Mod Manager menu. This is because it checks every single file in the mod, and there are a LOT!

    Just in case you're not sure if you're installing it correctly (and you probably are), here are the steps I followed to set it up:
    1. Create a folder named "Things To Do In Dominatrix" in your "Managed Mods" folder (or you can name it anything you like). This will show up in the mod manager menu.
    2. Copy the contents of the "files" folder in the Things To Do In Dominatrix mod package into your new "Things To Do In Dominatrix" folder (including the folders "packfiles" and "tables").
    3. Copy the "scripts" folder from the "quantum_simple_mod_manager" package into your "Things To Do In Dominatrix" folder.
    4. Important: Move all the .vpp_pc files in your "Things To Do In Domatrix\packfiles\pc\cache" folder to the "Things To Do In Dominatrix" folder. You can then delete the "packfiles" folder if you wish (not mandatory).
    5. You may also need to delete "display.ini" from your "Things To Do In Dominatrix" directory if you already have that file in your Saints Row IV game folder because this will prevent the mod from installing.
    Please let me know if you have any other problems. Again, I'm sorry about this bug. I hope it works well for you from now on. :)
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  10. Uh, I tried using this Mod Manager but my anti-virus detected it as a Trojan. Is this safe?
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