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    misc_tables.vpp_pc contains animation settings for the decker rollerblader, brute, and avatar animation commands.

    audio_banks.xtbl is used for on-foot mission music and drug sound pitch shifting. It does not affect on-foot radio music.

    dlc_effects/explosions changes the superpower running and fireball vfx to standard game ones so they can be seen/used outside the final mission of trouble with clones.
  2. Thanks a bunch. Sorry to be bothering you with this, just finding myself very confused editing this. Have a few other questions in fact.


    :: Gameplay Choice IDs -
    M06_CHOICE_BLOWN_TOWER = true;
    M22_CHOICE_KILLBANE = yada
    M21_CHOICE_KILLBANE = yada

    - I am only at mission 8 or 9 currently. What should I do here? I am also unable to locate the file that lists the choice I made for mission 06


    :: Time of day and weather variables for day/night cycle
    TOD_Span = "changeyou"
    TOD_Last_Check = "changme"
    - Should I be adjusting these?​


    ::Weapon cycle variables
    SLOT_TWO = 1
    SLOT_THREE = 1
    SLOT_FOUR = 1
    SLOT_ETC= 1
    SLOT_TEMP = 1

    - What do these control exactly?


    :: Command variables
    COOP_COMMANDS = false

    - Unsure of what these control exactly or should be set at as well; notoriety I do but it seems both settings counteract eachother. In regards to the "HATE_THOSE_SAINTS" variable I've considered that might only be able to be explained via some level of spoiler, if such is the case maybe just recommend "true" or "false" based on the fact that I'm on mission 8.


    Thanks a bunch for the help, and for the mod... hope these changes work out!
  3. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Don't touch any of that. Part of it is for the vanilla game itself and the rest are variables that will crash the script if missing. Only do what I told you in my previous post.
  4. hmm I dont see any changes on animations, but I'm glad you're working on it.
  5. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    For what, exactly? Are you sure that you copied over the new misc_tables.vpp_pc to your /cache folder and not the root?
  6. lol you're right, my bad.. I didnt notice that, thanks :)
  7. Hmm, so I've encountered a bug while using this. It seems half my missions have been reset in my phone. It lists 10 missions completed but one contact is back to the start, and the other is back a few missions. I setup mission replay after only to find only 5 missions show up for replaying. It's been a long stretch of gameplay since we realized what happened, is there a solution? Maybe something that edits the save or something to finish missions in a snap?

    The weird part is I gave up on trying to edit the file, so I was using the default .lua
  8. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Are you certain that it's not simply a matter of you doing future missions in coop and perhaps skipping over one if the host was slightly ahead? If so, you would just need to do that one (or more) missions you missed and every future mission you've completed in coop from that point on will ask you if you want to just auto-complete it when you start it.

    I don't know of any tool/editor that will let you auto complete missions. The only way you could do something like that would be to edit the mission lua and call the mission success function right after the fade in for mission start. It's a bit of an involved process though so it would probably be quicker to just buckle down and do them.

    Also, neither mission replay, nor Sandbox+ does anything with your save file. If there is a problem then it's likely from another source. Mission replay works by simply checking your save file to see if a mission has a completion flag and adds a replay entry to the phone from a table to start, if so. The lua functions only load the correct zones applicable to that mission if the flag is checked. In simple terms, it only uses standard in-game functions to read your save file and not write to it.
  9. The thing is, what would prevent this from happening again? I'm also using GoS (minus mission replay, wardrobe color changer, and additional cheats) and the NPC Behaviour Spawn mod, dunno if that would cause this to happen.

    On the save file being used we've done the exact same missions as one another. All my cars/vehicles are still proper, as are his. When I return to an older save, some of the newer missions are still around.

    Is there a way to:
    1) Teleport to destination marker
    2a) Kill all active enemy blips
    2b) Some sorta nuke mod that just fucks up everything in sight

    Same thing with my save happened in Skyrim, ended up never playing the game again :p. Not willing to go through that again, so any solution that would allow for a quick remedy to this problem (should it show up again, too) would be great. Thanks!
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