Sandbox+ for SRTT

Discussion in 'Compilations' started by [V] IdolNinja, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. I agree not for me even I want to use the decker specialist anime and nothing I pressed ctrl + semicolon and again nothing does anyone know how I get the decker specialist anime to work if it help the keyboard i'm using is uk one
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  2. I finally got it to work but can't use my weapons , how do I get my weapons to work?
  3. I still can't get my weapons to work please help me how do I get my weapons to work
  4. mine does not work I pressed all the keys I did all the combinations and hand works nothing
  5. Still no "Add respect" -- So much for "sandbox" ...
  6. The damned thing keeps crashing on me. This mod, the delete special vehicles (with all customizable vehicles), and the game_launcher.exe with advanced options are what I have installed. It crashes upon creating or loading any save data. I've also tried clearing all of my save data and anything it had traces of. Any ideas?

    EDIT: Fixed; doesn't work well with exceptionally high graphic settings. May be referring to x16 MSAA rather to the in-game limit of x8.
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  7. How do I edit the commands?

    I clicked the link in the original post but that didn't help.

  8. so if for example you want to enable all commands with x (taunts) you need to assign it to a different key in order to use the commands with it or how?
  9. Yes. If I want "teleport to Let's Pretend" to be mapped to X+Up or something like that instead of the default.
  10. I can't use my weapons when I use decker specialist animation and it doesn't look like hers how do I fix that a second thing is I don't have bracket I'm using a uk keyboard so how do I fix this one too , by the way how do I make the decker specialist animation look like hers ?
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