Saints Row vs GTA Revisited

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Quantum, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. Ah! do you mean, THE DIVISION?
  2. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    I've never played THE DIVISION, but from what I'm reading on Wikipedia, it sounds like it. I was thinking CRYSIS 2, but the enemy in Crysis 2 is much more tangible than this is.

    Even as I write this, though, it just doesn't seem appropriate to compare this to a video game. I live in New York, so it's really close to home for me. Seeing how many things our incompetent Federal government has done wrong is just really terrifying.

    But I've gotten off-topic, so I won't discuss it here anymore.
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  3. Nah man, this is pertinent to us all regardless; dosen't matter which thread. I'd just like to thank you and echo your sentiment, stay safe y'all.
  4. people in some Area in my country Still Wandering the streets a s usual:(
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